Tuesday, November 01, 2005


All said and done, I think the boys only hav about two pounds of candy, each. Granted, Littleman's is mostly Hubby's and Bigguy's, since they carried him and his bag, respectively, and oddly enough, Littleman got a little more loot. I think it was the cuteness factor, very little beats a 1-year-old, smiley pirate, in an eyepatch. He loves that eyepatch.
We would have stayed out longer, but for two things. 1) it was getting really, really, cold out. Especially for little hands that refused to wear mittens. 2) Many people started trick-or-treating way earlier than we did, and apparently more people were out in this area this year as compared to years past, and people were running out of candy! Nothing upsets a four-year-old as much as being told, "Sorry, I just gave away my last peice!"
Hubby decided, that due to their being "good troopers", he would hit the after Hallowe'en candy clearance sales. Did I mention that one of our roommies works retail, and we get a discount? Also, we will have tons of leftover candy coming in from the In-Laws, because the MIL feels that it is her responsibilty to try to givemy kids candy, that I will later have to hide, or throw out.....or eat.

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