Monday, June 22, 2009

Special places in hell

This post is not referring to the special place in hell for Mal, although, it is a good one, no, this is referring to the special, extra painful, slow torture portions of hell that I hope are reserved for parents who intentially leave thier small children locked inside of hot vehicles.
The weather right now is rediculously hot- 95 ferenhiet with high fucking humidity. EArlier today there was a mom who left her infant twins in her van for HOURS. You just don't do that shit, people. I will eventually type more about this after I have calmed down some, but suffice to say, I am pissed, hella pissed. I hit the gas station before getting Hubby from work, I knew I would be inside for less than five minutes, and STILL I unbuckled Thor, and brought him in with me, why? It was FUCKING HOT OUT!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today, at the gas station...

I live in a colorful area where people have colorful language.
At the gas station today, I got to witness/hear the following
Older teen girl with fuscia hair, purple tank top, green and black mini skirt, and red, knee high high heeled boots, talking to an older man with a blue mohawk in standard biker wear

"Don't you go on looking at me like I am a freak! I got me an aducation and a good job just so I could look however I damn well chose! I don't see you doing anyhting with your time mr smurf-head"
dude: "I was just checking out the taillight on my bike!"
"sure, they always say that they looking at something other than me, but I KNOW it's always me"
dude:"this is why paranoid people shouldn't dye their hair, now I'm gonna be late to see my accountant."

This exchange cracked me up for two reasons, one, blue hair dude WAS looking at the tailight on his beautiful bike, two, having had interesting hair and clothing styles in the past, it is fairly rediculous for one to believe that NO ONE will look if you have 'unique" hair and clothing choices- he was not ogling, or being rude, if he was looking at her, it wasn't noticable.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

road block to the potty

Thor has apparently decided that using the potty just isn't worth his time. Loki is using it more and more every day, Thor, in turn, is using it less, regardless of the type of pant he is in. I cannot get him to tell me why. It is really frustrating.
For a few weeks, it seemed like Thor and Loki had synchronized potty breaks, leading to me saying, more than once, don't pee on your brother, I don't know what changed, but something ddid, and if I don't figure it out, I'm gonna be rather fed up soon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Update on Hermes

Hermes is doing much better. He is still feverish, but it has stabalized and is hanging out around the 101.4 range. He still has some abdominal pain, but no throat pain yet, which is very odd. Even though he technically has strep throat, it is affentin his tummy, intestins, and what not- pain wise. The plus side, is that he still has an appetite, he is still thirsty, and he is able to eat and drink which will help vastly with recovery. The down side is that if he does experience throat pain, he will feel it after he is no longer contagious, and will just have to deal with it.

Tomorrow qill be interesting, as it has the most petential for everything on him hurtung, part of why he will be home all day tomorrow, too. Hubby is home today, helpin with the kids, making it so I can actually got some stuff done. I have managed to do a bunch of laundry, some dishes, reclaim the loveseat, and Hubby pulled the garbage from the boys rooms. Joy. It isn't even one today, so I will be able to hopefully finish off the dishes, and get more laundry done, ,maybe some general straightening too. My goal is to have the kitchen CLEAN clean by tomorrow night, although now that I set a goal for it to be done, it will more than likely be sometime next week.

Monday, June 01, 2009

total WTF moment for the medical professionals

Today, I spent a few hours in the ER with Hermes. He was presenting with symptoms that were tet book appendicitis. The surgeon who was gonna make the call on remiving it before or after they had him admitted to an actual room got waylaid on the way to us. In the 30 minutes that passed, Hermes started to hurt less- generally not something that happens unless the appendix goes boom, which is bad. While we were waiting to see if he got worse again, the nurse decided to run a throat culture, as she has heard that in really rare cases, savagely bad cases of Strep can present with appendicitis like symptoms, and no sore throat whatsoever.
Yep, the nurses random idea proved to be correct, unless Hermes is the once in a million lifetime cases of someone having strep and having the appendix rupture in the time that they are waiting to be seen further.
We have to monitor him closely for the next day for any more appendix-y symptoms, monitor for Strep complications, and keep him home for TWO days instead of one, as this is a massive fuck-all case of Strep from DOOM!!!

Mom, I would have called you if he actually went under the knife- I didn't want to worry you needlessly on your vacation, so unless they were putting him under, I wasn't gonna call.