Wednesday, November 30, 2005

busy day

It all started with hubby staying home sick, again. He is feeling better, has an appetite again, will be going back to work tomorrow, and, thankfully, it's not a kidney stone. All we can figure is everyone in the house keeps playing tag withthe mystery illness. I have been spared due to my constant stuffiness of pregnancy. I have to drive one of the basement dwelling roommates to and ome from work, but he is appreciative, and I hear a report on the radio that his job's corporate office(Walgreen's) has suspended 4 St Louis Park pharmacists, WITHOUT PAY, for failing to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception. Yay Walgreens!!! WOOHOO!!! I will get all my prescriptions filled there now for sure! As I leave to pick him up, my cell phone rings-it's the Doctor's office, they have all the results from my ultrasound. Everything is perfect! Yes, the plecenta is a little close to the cervix, but is anchored in such a way that it will grow AWAY from the cervix, not toward it. No placenta Previa for me. Oh, did I mention my slip onto my ass and wrench my sholder down the stairs this morning? After ascertaining that myself and BabyBoy#3 were fine, everyone yelled at me for being silly enough to fall on the stairs, while preggers. I tried! Then, everyone cleaned! Not, just me, I have a dining room again, plus a kitchen and a fair portion of living room.
Oh, also, we decided on the name for BB#3, which will not be divulged here, because I don't use any of the boys names here.
I am rambly and tired and want an orange.

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