Thursday, September 28, 2006

now, 50% more miserable

Tuesday I had a tooth pulled, it sucked, but was needed. I have been on pain killers and antibiotics since then. Buddha is teething, and it doesn't matter how enlightened you are, teething HURTS. Thor is also teething his two year molars, and is having sinus issues because of this. Hermes is home ill from school today, his stuffy nose got the better of him, so he is having a day of rest and fluids. Hubby works outside, so has one hell of a cold due to our shifting weather patterns. On the plus side, my hair is fabulous, and SistahGirl moves in over the weekend. I feel like crap, but at least I have something to look forward to.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's not the end result, it's the weight...

I am really excited, in the last two and a half weeks I have dropped about ten pounds...YAY ME!!!, however, I have found that I still need to lose about 63 pounds to be at an 'ideal weight' for my size. if you do the math, I need to drop 27.5% of myself off somewhere for a permanent vacation. I realize that the craftier readers out there can reverse the math to figure out roughly what I weigh, but I really do not care. I just hope that I can keep this rate of speed up till Mexico...I know logically that there is no way this will happen, as the more I lose the slower it will pro'ly go, but I am going to be the weight that I need to be.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

planning and preparation

Next monday is Hermes' first vacation day from school. The school he goes to has one day everymonth off for a teacher enrichment/planning day, plus all the normal school holidays. This will have him finishing school a little later on june than most kids, but will also keep him and the teachers and other students from burning out. Their is a higher risk of student/teacher burnout at an immersion school than at a standard school, but so far, all is well. I am planning on us cleaning his room on his day off, he is really excited to help clean it, and to help me plan on how to arrange it, since Thor is moving to a toddler bed, and Buddha needs to be transitioned into his crib. Hubby and I think that we might just keep the crib in our room until Buddha is a little older, to make things easier for everyone.
Also, SistahGirl is moving in with us at the end of the month. Everyone here in Housewifeland is very excited about the addition to our population, even though it is going to mean some massive restructuring around here. First, I am getting the ENTIRE house, basement and all, CLEAN. Not clean as in presentable, but *CLEAN* as in floors sparkling, everything washed, mopped, sweapt, etc.. a place for everything, everything in its place...clean! I am doing this with Hubby's help(YAY), and it is being done for a few reasons. A) It just needs to be done, really, we are slobs, and it isn't good for us. B) winter is coming and I need to have places and spaces for the kids to play. C) I will be watching a friends baby when she goes back to work, soon, and it will be easier all around if the house is clen and lastly, and high in the order of importance, with SistahGirl moving on in, we need to rearrange. Her room is going to be where the computers are now, the computers need to get moved, and that will have to be downstairs or in the basement. She doesn't have all that much stuff, from the sounds of it, but more stuff in means more stuff has to go out. Hubby and I have been talking about doing a major cleaning/sorting/tossing/donating for a while now, and this is the impetus to get off our asses and do it!
Since the compy room is being turned back into a bedroom, depending on what happens after SistahGirl moves out, in about six months, is we will either put the comps back in(not to fond of that idea, but at the same time rather okay with it), or Bro-in-law and his woman might move in there, or we might make it Hermes room, and then have Buddha and Thir share the room that is now Thor and Hermes'. I like this last idea the best. It gives the younger two a room together, that will be vary spacious with just the younger two's furniture, and a toddler/baby safe place to play. Espessially since this would be happenning in and abouts Buddha's first birthday, so I will be very comfy with him and Thor playing together in a room. It will give Hermes some privacy, so that he can unwind after school in peace, and we can put a desk in for him to do his homework at. Also he coud then have some space to set up soem of his train toys with out having to put them away every night. Hermes makes some really eleaborate track layouts and builds some gorgeous block houses and garages, I would like for him to be able to keep some set up, if he so desires. It will also enable us to put a baby gate in front of Thor's room without having to worry about Hermes tripping over it in the middle of the night, that way we don't have to worry about Thor waking up and wandering the house...if he needs to potty he is certainly loud enough to wake us.
So, I have a lot of planning, prep, arrangeing and what not to be doing...but I think Housewifeland will deffinately benefit from it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

first day of school

Last night, after a frantic search for last minute school supplies, we came home, ate dinner, and gave Hermes a bath. He felt it was very important to be clean today, and who are we to argue. We got him into bed a little later than we would have liked, but it was much less difficult than in the past. The first time he got out of bed, he wanted hugs, so hug Hermes got. Then he wanted to tell me something, that he was hungry, I told him he wasn't and sent him back to bed, then he came to the top of the stairs. I calmly explained to him that if he wants to do well in school, he needs to sleep, ten minutes later...out cold. This morning we woke up, cuddled a little, ate breakfast, then got dressed for school. He looked so grown up in his uniform. He looked so proud walking into the building, and he made a freind in the first five minutes. In an hour, his day will be half way done, and so for no phone calls asking if we are nuts, how could we possibly think this would work, and telling us to get him, so that is good. To my knowledge, he has kept all his clothes on, not hit anybody, and not sassed his teacher. He is probably to wrapped up in trying to figure out what the hell she is saying to even think about misbehaving. I am starting to realize that he isn't here. It is a little quiet. Thor is pleased, he has the run of the place, but Buddha is being abnomally fussy. That could be the teeth coming in though. Now, I am going to go and do some cleaning.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"...MOM!!!They only speak Chinese! How cool is that!!"

Tomorrow is Hermes' first 'official' day of school. He will be attending a non-traditional school, to say the least, a mandarin chinese immersion school. I don't know what I'll do while he's gone. First, I'll get the house clean, and I'll spend more time getting Thor to speak, I suppose, but it'll be strange at first, and quiet, very,very, quiet.

Friday, September 01, 2006

quick, while no one's looking, a blog post!

I have a few minutes break in my cleaning, eating, cooking, mothering...repeat, schedule, so I thought I would post. Hermes is wondering if they will teach him to eat fire in school. Oddly enough, the answer was no, but his momma and poppa know someone who could teach him, when he is much, much, MUCH older, and carrying his own insurance. Thor has persistantly not spoken to me for three days now. TV, books, other people, and food, but not me...I do not know what I did, but I am damn glad he does not posess Mjollner, or my ass would be hurting. Buddha needs to be transitioned to a crib, soon. He is far more mobile than any child still a week of five months should be-rolling both directions, creeping, trying to crawel already, and almost getting himself to a sitting possition.

In other brain, or what remained of it, oozed out my ears about an hour ago, yet I am still functioning. Hah! Take that scientific community and Biology!