Friday, September 30, 2005

even longer to wait

Dr A is awesome, and he does care for his patients, for this reason, my appt is now pushed back till next friday. The erasoning is sound, and It will ultimately be easier, bit it still sucks.

I'm supposed to be at the doctor's right now...

Half an hour before my prenatal appointment this morning, my Dr's office called to let me know that Dr A was currently delivering a baby, but he'd be able to see me at 11:30, two hours later than my scheduled appointment. All said and done, I have mixed feelings about this. I am glad Dr A delivers his patients babies, not all ob/gyns do that, oddly enough, but I also planned my childcare and day around a 9:30 appointment.I think most of my frustration comes from carrying around a cup'o'pee for two hours longer than anticipated.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the quest for the ultimate babysling

I NEED to get a baby sling before Baby#3 graces us with it's presence. I use the term sling, as opposed to carrier. S carrier denotes a backpack/frontpack thing in my mind. I have had those, and not been terribly fond of them. If you are just you and the babe, it's cumbersome to work. I want a baby sling. Something versatile, that I can use from birth to about 35 lbs, front, hip, and back carry. If any one outhtere in blogland have a suggestion, I would appreciate it. I am doing research, but it never hurts to get other oppinions before I purchase.
Thanks. Babywearing is not only good for momma and baby, it's about the only way I'll be able to kee on eye on all three at once, or go shopping with all three alone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

shameless plug for gifts

I really, really, want some Flying Spaghetti Monster loot. Especially the pirate flagfront/graph on back shirt and the pirate fish shirt. Hmmmm...if people need gift ideas for birthday, x-mas, or just lavishing presents on me for no reason, one of them thar shirts would sure be swell!
(please note, I did not request for baby related gift giving, if they have anything in baby-sizes or children sizes, that would be great for the kids, especially the "my dad is a pirate" shirt, but I will not use the kids or pregnancy as a way for me to get non-maternity/nursing clothing) Oh, yeah, size large should be good, once Baby#3 is here, and I am no longer breastfeeding/blessed with mommy boobage.

Three down, six to go...

I have hit the point in my pregnancy where roughly the first third is over. In roughly six months, I will have Baby#3! What this means for me: soon I will be able to feel the baby move, we will be able to tell in the next two months the gender by untrasound, I will hopefully put on a reasonable amount of weight, and I will have much anticipated boob growth! One of the things that rocks about mommyhood is the boobage. Hands down some of the nicest cleavage ever...untill you stop breastfeeding, then they go away...sadness.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Ideal life

According to the federal gov't myself, hubby, and the boys are NOT in poverty. Well, fed gov't, that's good to know! Have you tried raising a family my size on 28000 a year, including overtime, pretax? It's doable, and we have roommates, which drfrays some of the costs, but it's not easy. Some will ask why I am not working. What's the point? If I get a job working outside the house, most, if not all, of the money that I bring in would go for child care. I could work a shift opposite my husband. Yeah, and never get to spend time with him, leave the kids to him, after his long day at work, so I can have a long day at work, come home and try to sleep before we start it all again. I've seen the remains of relationships that have done that. Very few work out in my experience. What we do is this. We budget, we cook in bulk, we shop on sale and buy in bulk if it's feasable, we make as much as we can from scratch as possible. We are cuurently setting money aside for a chest freezer, so that I can make more food ahead and freeze it, and also so that I can start making bread again. With a second freezer, I can make large batches of dough, freeze the excess for up to three months pull it out, thaw and bake as needed. The funny thing is the amount of money people would pay for what I make on the cheap. Homemade bread does not cost much to make, nor mac 'n' cheese, lasagna, and most caserroles that freeze well, yet Hubbies coworkers are amazed by how well we eat, and relay to us what it would cost them to eat the same way, if they bought frozen premade, then relay to us what they would pay for the same food, homemade, and generally organic. I could make a huge profit! Of course, I would be cooking, shopping and cleaning 20hours out of everyday to meet demand.

What I am serriously thinking about doing, however, is sellink my knitting, and eventual quilting. I have recieved many compliments on my work, I enjoy doing it, and if it didn't sell, I ould be assured that my family had blankets, lots of blankets. The only real cost for this would be the materials-which are surprisingly cheap, really, and the tables at craft shows and flea markets, also surprisingly cheap. Tis is not somethingI woud be doing untill after Baby#3 is born, at this point. I will keep working of peices, but I probably won't have enough to sell untill then, being right now most of what I am working on is for my kids. If it works, great! I can work my way up to bigger and better venues, if not I can say I tried. Also, I would like to get a new sewing machine and a serger...maybe x-mas, or tax returns.

Ultimately, if we became well to do, either by hard work, or winning the lotterry, I dont think we'd live a glamorous lifestyle. Ultimately what I want is what I want, no matter how much money I have, and it will be attainable someday. I want to own a house, somethingthat is mine, and I want to have land. The land does not need to with the house, but it would be nice. It needs to be enough land to garden, maybe have fruiting trees, and eventually keep chicken and sheep. I want, someday, to live a very natural lifestyle, on my little farm, with hubby and the kids. Granted, it will have to have internet access, so were not talking "Little House on the Prairie" or anything like that. I don't know, maybe like a new sort of hippie for a new century. Living organic, making our own clothes, living as much off the land as possible, while at the same time, selling product, homegrown organic food, hand-made yarns and blankets, specialty quilts, letting Hubby do the internet game he's designed, but hasn't gotten backing for yet, having a computer for everyone, websites all around. Techno-hippies...yeah...I like that. That would be ideal.

Like being high, without the giggly parts

I am more braindead than normal right now. I just got off the phone with Sistah-girl, and the only way I could describe it to her was "Like being stoed for a week, without the good parts". Here's what's going on. I was sick last monday and tuesday-major sinus issues, lots of breathing problems, little appetite nd very interrupted sleep. When you are only taking care of yourself, this is a problem, but workable. You get a lot of sleep, you have family or freinds bring you soup, and you sleep, lots. When you are taking care of a family, it is more difficult. Even though Hubby was home, the boys are used to the way momma does things. I m the priary caregiver, after all, and it doesn't matter to them that I'm sick, I should be taking care of them. After some grumbling and some hurt feelings, all was better. Were the real problems arise, however, is I am still in the first trimester of my pregnancy with Baby#3. I am supposed to be getting a heaping ton of rest, eating many small meals, ad drinking lots of fluids, not to mention excersise. Also, sinse I am in the first tri, I am very limited in what substances I can put into my body to fight this sinus crap off. I have been in a haze of benedryl and very little continuous sleep for a seven days. Heres the thing about sleep. No sleep at all will eventually drive you crazy, but asa long as you get some sleep, you will be able to function. I can still cook, if I am only cooking, or if I set timers for everything. I can still knit, as long as it is a peice that I can set down every few rows without destroying, and I can carry a conversation with my 4 year old-any older, and all bet's are off. I cannot really carry a train of thought or follow a conversation for more than about two minutes right now. I can still do computer stuff, blogging, e-mailing, chatting, IMing, etc, because a log is kept. If I get lost I just scrool back untill I remeber what's going on. Man this sucks, but a few more naps, a few more cups of tea, and a few more days, and I should be back to good.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Man, more breaking news from the Housewife!

Lester Crawford, commisioner of the FDA, resigns today, rather abruptly. After the whole Vioxx thing, i could see it, what is causing me unmitigated glee, however, is that he was the bastard that indeffinately delayed the OTC sales of "the morning after pill", emergency contreception. Everyone who works around him gave it the go, but he said no!, now he's gone. On the down side, yet another possition that W gets to fill.

Wow! It's the middle of the day!

Littleman is sleeping, Bigguy is practicing writing his letters. It is quiet, I can think, aand it's the middle of the afternoon! It's a miracle!!!!
Last night I made an homemade lasagna for dinner, even made the sauce my self from raw ingredients-nothing canned or jarred. With the time it took the sauce to simmer down where I wanted it, it took two days total, but it was THE BEST lasagna ever! Hubby, who is not a huge lasagna fan ate a bunch, then brought a bunch more to work with him today. He said it's something he would request in the future-which from him, on foods that were previously not faves, is very high praise indeed.
Oh-ultra deliceous tomato recipe(Sorry mom, the initial directions I gave you were wrong)
Slice ripe tomatoes-Quarters for large tomatoes, halves for roma
place in large-NON-metalic bowl
sprinkle with course salt and white pepper
add two to three tablespoons olive oil, mix with hands to coat tomatoes
place tomatoes on cookie sheet with lip(to collect juices) leaving excess juice and oil in bowl
bake at 200 degrees for 6 to 8 hours-

Yes, six to eight hours at 200. You can do two hours at 350, but it's not quite the same. They turn out almost like tomato candy! Delicious-eat plain, on toast, with pasta in sauces or on own, on pizza.MMMMMMmmmmmm

Littleman is going to be 1 in three weeks.Man how time flies.

supreme court type stuff

The Senate Judiciary Comittee has approved John Roberts' nomination as head justice of the supreme court, now we wait to see if the senate will confirm it. What I was able to find out about his "policies" during the confirmation hearings do not fill me with hope. He is one of the kings of dodging questions and giving incredibally round about answers. What frightens me most, is it appears he has gotten this far with out ever outright stating his standing on abortion. Gods help us all.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I do not have a lot of readership. Part of the reason is that I have not told very many peoples about my little place here in blogland, but, quite frankly, the main reason seems to be, that no matter how good of a writing style I have, I am boring. I have a pretty funnly day to day life, but, when I have time to blog, I am so tired, so hurried, or so...I don't know, in "momma" mode, that I cannot always put out there what my day is.
People really don't want to know about the daipers, potty-training, morning sickness, preschool prep, or feeding schedules-but here is one of the only places I can rant about it. Add to that, as much asI want to share what magically funny or precious thing either boy did, I also want to keep it close and personal. I am working on striking a balance, a happy median, but in the mean time, please bear with me, and hey, leave a comment or tell a friend!

Now, something we haven't had here in a looooong time-A Defunct-Dad Rant!!!
We moved the last weekend in July. At that time, I had not really spoken to dad for about a month or so. Other people (like my mother in law) had spoken to him, and he had left many messages, but after my brother's graduation fiasco, I really didn't want to speak to him.(For those who don't know, even though I was invited to Bro's grad party, nobody told me when his actual grad ceremony was, until after the fact, when I was e-mailed many pics of said ceremony, captioned Bro and His Family, with my step-sis's family, but no me, hubby, or boys, since WE WEREN"T INVITED!) I didn't tell DDad that we were moving, nor did I give him address or phone number, and he does not have my cell number. I have not heard from him since. why would this upset me, since I effectively cut him out of my life?? Because after him telling me for the last four years (when he magically reappeared after a six year absence) that I need to try harder to be part of the family and make things work, that this man, who has all but one of my e-mail adresses, has not dropped me a line to see whats up. This man, who talked to me on my oldest sons birthday, reminded me that littlest bro's birthday was coming up, and they would like to see my kids, never wished his first grandson a happy day, or even mentioned it, sent them a card, when he had the address, or even asked to speak to him. This is what prompted me to let him go. After all the years that I let him hurt me, and made excuses for him, HE hurt MY son, and that just won't do.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My brain is leaving me.

I remember this feeling, I am slowly becaming scatter brained. As if in answer to my last post-it hits me-part of it may be my problem after all! I lost bit's and peices of my minds capabilities with my other pregnancies. I hit points where carrying on a cohesive conversation became difficult. To put it bluntly-I got dumb. It is temporary, and it will come and go during the pregnancy. My doctor and others tell me it is somewhat common for pregnant women, but they cannot explain it. I just call it the prego brain.
I will stop mid sentance and forget what I was saying, I will repeat my self, I will laugh at innapropriate things, I will feel like an idiot for about two to three hours out of most days, then the baby comes, and when I can start getting 4-6 hours of sleep again-it gets better, so please-bear with some awkward posts.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Someone, anyone, help me out here

What is it about being a stay at home mom, or housewife, that makes some people think that I am stupid, unemployable, in a controlling relationship, or any combination of the three?
Really, do I come off as being an imbecile? Do I have no social skills whatsoever? Am I never seen in public with out Hubby? Do I not budget an entire household? Am I unable tokeep to a schedule, hold intelligent conversation, or follow directions from my house to another location? Why is it that peo[ple give me the attitude of "your just a housewife, what do you know about the realworld?" Did I do something to deserve this by following a path I felt was best for my family's mental and emotional health-if not a little straining finacially? We get by, sometimes just barely, but we manage. I am not a bad person, a stupid person, an oblivious person, a controlled person, a slave. I am just a person who does not get a paycheck, who made differrent choices than you did, and please, don't look down on my for that.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I have a "cavvy" now. That's the term in vogue for Guinea pigs, and technically, Bigguy has her, but I do most of the maintenance. We named her Gypsy. She is butterscoth caramel colored with white. Puruvian shorthair female, age 5 weeks, she is. We are already enamoured of her as a household, she is very affectionate. Cavvies are not terribally expensive to keep, as far as pets go, and are very good family pets if you have small kids. Also, they are completely safe to be around when pregnant, which is not something you can say for all pets.
Yay for the small furries! If I get a decent pic of her, I will post it, I think.