Friday, November 18, 2005

four in the morning?

I wake up, I had rolled over onto my back again, and cannot feel my feet. I need to pee, badly. I need to figure out if it's okay to wake up Hubby, to help me out of bed, 'cause I slept wrong, and cannot feel my feet, at four in the morning. Have I set the scene yet?
All of a sudden, I realise Hubby isn't in bed, he is in the hallway, grumbling, and Bigguy is whining. Okay, I think, Bigguy has had a nightmare, and Hubby, in one of his superdad moments, is dealing with it. WRONG!!!! Bigguy was still awake at four this morning! Quarter after four to be precise!!! What is a four year old boy doing awake at four in the morning???? Hubby impresses upon Bigguy the importance of going to sleep, immediately, and crawls into the room, explaining to me that when he got up to go to the bathroom, he saw that Bigguy was awake, and obviously had been all night long. After he helps me out of bed, and I go pee, we all drift off to sleep.
Cut to the morning. I woke up early, Baby bear needed to be watched for a few hours this morning as his Poppa Bear had a doctors appointment. I woke up early, three hours after the earlier incedent. Everyone is snug in bed. When Hubby wakes up, he lets me know that he wants Bigguy awake after I get home from dropping him at work. We wake up one of the roommates, drive Hubby to work, and begin the hour long task of waking up a four year old. It is 9:30 approximately when I get him down stairs, and about 10:30 when he stops whining and fussing and carrying on. I explain to him that when we say it's bedtime, he needs to stay in bed. Now, I get to keep a four year old, who hasn't gotten enough sleep, awake until at least 7:30 or 8 pm in order to try to get him on some semblance of a schedule.
Fun for me!!

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