Thursday, November 17, 2005

Old friends

I am quite lucky in that I have some friends yet that have known me for over ten years. Most of them are very honest with me, and I with them. While having a converation with one particular friends, whom I have not always seen eye to eye with due to religeous differences, he pointed out just how much I have changed since becoming a mom. I realized some of the changes right off the bat, but others surprised me. I always knew that being a mom mellowed me out in many respects. It made me take my relationship with Hubby more seriously, took me off the dating scene, changed how I dressed, and in many respects, changed my attitude about life in general. What I didn't realize was how ahppy it made my long time friends to see these changes. They no longer live in fear of me getting hurt, badly hurt, or running away, or hurting myself, or snapping. What amazed me, is I never knew how scared they were for me. I never knew, with as honest as we all are with each other, how much I was hurting them by just being me, which at the time was a pretty messed up person.
I am very glad that I came, relatively unscathed, all said and done, through the forest of my past, and I am glad that I have a few, close friends who were there with me the entire way, to remind where I came from, and how proud I should be of what I have now.
I have a husband, two kids with a third on the way, a fabulous, and supporting family. I am lucky, and I know it.

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