Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moving on the eastside....

It looks like Hubby and I will be the proud owners of a teeny tiny house. We looked at it orginaly as a lease-to-own, and discussed all the things we could do to turn it into the perfect home. It will take time, blood, sweat and tears, but we were willing to put that in.
The person selling the house asked if we mined him having a finance person get in touch with us, just to see, and we said sure, but we doubted anything could be done.
Finance Dude looked at our info, and doubted anything could be done, but got the required stuff together to run it and see-as he said, his job is to try, and he don't make money by keeping people out of homes. Surprisingly enough, we qualify for a FannieMae Flex100-which, btw is not sub prime-it is all on the up and up, and all things looking like the lender will approve us, and we'll be homeowners.
Honestly, the house is ultry tiny-it is a wee little home, but addinf dormers in the upstairs bedroom will open the space up alot, redoing the bathroom setup will help alot, and eventually, we could biuld up a full second level, and even about ten to fifteen feet out into the HUGE back yard. Yeah, that's right, a big ass fenced in back yard!!
So, faithful readership of family and maybe three other folks, watch here for updates on the homeownership!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

patience is a virtue....

...that I do not readily posess.
We are looking at new places to live. We have a place we're looking at on Saturday, but to have that place, we would be living with Hubby's Uncle, and having three more kids around on occasion, Granted, it is a remodeled duplex, with six bedrooms, two baths, two kitchens, 2 livingrooms, porches and whatnot, it's still iffy if it's gonna happen. Soooo, I keep looking, I am waiting for a call back from a guy about three different properties-he manages all three, all three are three bedroom houses, all three are much (like 150 or moree) less than we are paying now, all three have their own yards...and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting. I know that it has been less than two hours since I called, he manages a lot of property in St Paul, and feasibly, at least on of the three or four I want will still be available, but I want him to call now!!(insert childish whining and foot stomping here)

I've never quite been this excited about having to move before. Part of it is that a lot of the single family rentals in St Paul and WestStPaul are rather easy to buy, after you've proven you're a good renter, maybe it's because Bloomington has lost it's charm, maybe it's the weather...I don't know, but I'm getting really impatient, I'm starting to think I drank waaaayyyyy too much coffee this morning, and I'm bored!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playdates and summer break...Oh my!!

I just got off the phone with J__, the mother of Hermes' absolute and possitive bestest friend from school!!! Sh has noticed, as have I, that our sons spend a considerable amount of time talking about each other, and play together almost every school day. She was calling to set up a play-date for next weekend, and so we could figure out some sort of summer schedule with the boys, so they can play regularly.
This will be tons easier since we will be moving soon, to St paul. We are still on the HRA list for Bloomington, but, at the same time, are keeping our options open. Hubby and I realized that his Uncle is still looking for a place-granted, his uncle also has three kids, but once he is no longer living at my in-laws, will only have them every other weekend, and once a week for an evening. We are looking at renting a large, 6 bedroom, house, roughly in-between where my in-laws live, and where my BIL and his fiance live. It would end up being cheaper than where we are now, after rent is split. We will have plenty of space for everyone, and it has a fenced in yard!
So much going on, I'll catch up later.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

saturday saturday saturday nigh-igh-ight

This saturday, Buddha, my babiest of babies, turns one year old, and officially enters the age of toddlerhood.
Thor is speaking more and more daily.
Hermes is awesome, and really, very smart. He'll tell you so-often.
When Buddha turns the age that Hermes is now, Hermes will be going on ten...that's DOUBLE DIGITS PEOPLE!!!!
I cannot believe it has been a year, already. I can hardly believe that at this exact moment, one year ago, I was crying on the phone to Hubby, because they were going to make me wait two more whole days before they'd induce.
You still have your Yoda ears, and every now and then, I wonder if you'll for stilted, slightly awkward sentances when speaking you start doing...yes.
I am going to start working on the weekends soon, and wonder if somehow you'll know I was home more with your brothers at this age, and resent me. Then I tell myself it's all hogwash.
Happy first, Buddha, may you remain healthy, happy and strong, and hopefully go basck to being peacefull and serene again. I would much prefer that over the excited shrieking at four in the morning becase Ohmygod!! You're standing, and!!!