Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, I am doing pretty good at making sure that everything gets done well, and in a timely fashion.
I was rather panicked when, last week, I noticed at the last minute that there was a sociology paper due, and I didn't recall ever seeing it on the syllabus.
Suprise! The original sylubus was incomplete, and there is a paper due damned near every week, PLUS our term paper/research project.
I can do this, I am not worried about the, and business only has one paper/project, it's just the Surprise! Factor that unsettles me. It is going to involve a lot of rearranging to my schedule to get this done, and that means taking some time away from the boys, which I really don't want to do.

Friday, January 09, 2009

I want Hunger.

So, last night, I am watching TV, and I see the new WEight Watchers commercial. In it, is Hunger- the cutest furry muppetty thing EVAH. All I could do upon seeing him was the squeal about how much I wanted him, to feed him cookies and coffe, to cuddle him.

The commercial was all about 'fighting hunger' and it gave the oh so insightful statement that on their new plan option, you fought hunger by eating more filling foods.
Got that, it's a novel and new concept, but if you are hungry, eat foods that fill you up!!

I know! Who ever would have thought that maybe a PB&J would be more filling than, say.....an entire head of celery?