Friday, November 04, 2005


When Hubby and I got married, I had my name legally changed. On top of the whole taking his last name thing, I hyphenated my first and middle names. I've always signed it this way, without the huphen, but with my sig, it's hard to tell if the
'-' is there or not. My name is telemarketing HELL. The first four letters, that which comprise the name pre-hyphen, are almost always mispronounced, as is the second part of my name, when free standing. They look like they should both have long vowels where the vowels are short, and short where it is long. To add to the confusion, if, say, the list where the marketers got my name from omits the hyphen(generally because I will occasionally omit it, just to mess with the list selling masses), you then have a matched set of vowels right next to each other. Two A's to be precise. No one thinks that there should be a break there, so they try to pronounce my (when hyphenated) easily four and a half to five syllable name, in three.
Heehee, years of having a funkily pronounced name have finally come out in my favor!

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