Friday, November 11, 2005

"I do not love shots!"

Bigguy was not doing to hot this week. He woke up just fine on tuesday, and in the hour between 3 and 4 pm, he was stuffy, feverish, and had a swollen and sore throat. I have a fear of sore throats. As a child, I had strep more times than I can count, I had so much pennecillin(sic?) that it doesn't even work for me anymore, instead, I get a Z-pac, or whatever new cure-all drug is on the market, as amoxycillen doesn't work to hot either. I finally had my tonsils out at 15, after getting very, very ill. I remember, in all those doctors visits, my mom demanding they do something, and being told not to worry, I'd grow out of it. Yeah, right! A tonsilectomy and adnoidectoly at 15 is NOT growing out of it. What all this boils down to, is anytime my kids run a fever with a sore throat, I panic. I am always certain it is going to be strep, or their tonsils, and they are going to have to endure what I went through. Hubby knows that if they ever get strep more than once in a year, I am DEMANDING that their tonsils be romoved. It is not very complicated, and it's not like your tonsils really do anything anyway, do they?
After a trip to the Dr on wed. it turns out that it was "just a virus". This means, no medication, it'll go away on it's own, you could be misserable for 2 days, you could be misserable for a week. I was glad to hear that, but I felt bad, because I knew Bigguy wasn't leaving that office without a shot. If it turned out to be strep, he would get an antibiotic shot(the hard to spell pennicilen(sic?)), if it wasn't bacterial, and his fever was in check or gone, which it was, he was getting his flu vaccine. Well, flu shot in the thigh won! All I have heard since is "But Momma, I do not love shots!" Apparently, in Bigguy's world, if you do not love something, you should not have to deal with it.
Now that he is feeling better, I am going to have a fairly child-free weekend! The in-laws are taking both boys overnight tonight. The male portion of the in-laws is taking Bigguy to the Train Museum, which bigguy just looooves, to surprise bigguy with the new exhibit. What is the new exhibit, you might ask? Why Thomas the Tank Engine, of course! Only Bigguys very favoritest train that ever was...ever!!! That four year old boy is going to be on cloud nine! Then, for dinner, they are going to Old Country Buffet! Food nirvana for the small tyke who adores slad and veggies crowd. If at than point you think the weekend couldn't get any better, you're wrong. After they get brought home tomorrow, my Sister, Bigguy's Auntie, is taking him over night!!! I have no idea what they will be doing, I just know he is thrilled to get to sleep on his aunties couch. And to top it all off, his Auntie step-sister and Uncle Rice will be here for brunch on sunday. Littleman will be happy to see people over night friday, and to have momma and poppa all to himself on saturday, and to see more people on sunday, but Bigguy-man, this is shaping up to be the ultimate four-year-old weekend!

What's that you ask? What are Hubby and I going to do with a childfree zone tonight, and a one, small, child zone tomorrow night? We have a very romantic weekend chock full of CLEANING!! I shit you not. Child free time, and we are going to clean. The boys room cannot really be cleaned unless they are gone, being they make more messes trying to help clean then they actually clean. Once I've got it good and thouroghly clean, Bigguy can keep his toys and books and clothes put away, until then, it's a war zone. We will be deep cleaning everything, including the bathrooms, and instituting "The Chore Wheel" probably one of the most usefull housecleaning tools.(Props to Jazz-Dad for introducing me to the chore wheel) I will have a house that is baby safe, clean, presentable, and comfortable at all times, damnit! I want to have one of those houses where people go, lets go to HW2K's house and visit, it's always clean, she always has coffee, and I bet she'll have some fresh baked goods too. I WANNA BE JUNE CLEAVER!!!!!!!

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Mom the Hipple said...

Oh honey, to be June Cleaver you have to clean while wearing a nice dress, high-heels, and a frilly apron. I think you should aspire to be Zena and WHOMP THAT DIRT INTO SUMBISSION! YEAH! while wearing as little as possible so as not to get your clothes dirty.