Saturday, June 16, 2012

So much in a year, so much

Hey y'all! I honestly don't think anyone reads this anymore, and really, I can't blame ya if ya don't. It's been almost a year since I last posted, and lets be honest, I wasn't good at updating anything regularly for a really long time.

See, for the last three years, I loved with my in-laws. My in-laws are not bad people, but when you are a married adult, mother-of-3, livng with your parents, or your spouses parents, in a house that is not big enough for everyone, so that you are living out of your bedroom, the boys' shared bedroom, and the areas of the house that the kids' stuff slowly took over.....yeah, it's not a good thing.

My fabulous sister, whom I odn't know what to call here, I will have to ask, is selling us her house contract for deed. I cannot begin to express how very awesome that is.

The boys- recently, for Mother's Day, in fact, we went and say Marvel's The Avengers with Hermes and Loki....Man, the boys' nick names here are eerily accurate at times, others...not so much.

I will honestly attempt to type more later. I am being pulled in multiple directions at the moment, and my kids, my kids ALWAYS win.