Tuesday, November 15, 2005

a few blessed moments of almost silence

For what seems like the first time in days, it is almost quiet on the small child front. Baby Bear is finally napping, after a morning and early afternoon full of false starts. As we all know, giggling at your feet is much more productive than sleep, yes. Littleman has his One-Year-Molars coming in. Oddly enough, these are molars that arrive in the generally time frame that a child turns one. Out of all of his teath that arrive on schedule in his poor cross-teething mouth, it is his molar on the bottom. The half of his mouth that, until yesterday, only had 2 of his 6 teeth, and therefor the harder area in which for a tooth to come thru. For newer readers to this here thing called my blog, Cross-Teething is a phenomena wherein the teeth cut through the gums in an order distinctly out of the normal pattern. In littleman's mouth, it happenned thussly-bottom two center teeth, almost at the same time, aound ten months(teething started at three), top right two(being right center then one just to right of that) at about 11 months, followed by the left top two at about 12 and a half months. Now, at thirteen months, the left bottom molar came out of nowhere in just two and a half days, teething and all, the other three, plus the other two bottom teeth that go into making the front eight are all really close, but look to be taking as long as they can without medical intervention. Bigguy still has the mystery virus. It is deffinately a virus, not the flu, and not hugely communicable, so I suppose it could be worse. All said and done, I have a four year old that doesn't feel well, so is whiney and clingy, not to mention hugely frustrated, because he was feeling much. much better yesterday, and woke up feeling "very angry and unhappy" in his tummy, nose and throat. (It isn't right that he is that cute, while that sick), I have a cranky, sleep deprived Bugguy, coming in at thirteen months, who is hurting, and mad because Momma cannot make it all better, and what am I doing holding and feeding another baby when he doesn't feel good, and Ohh1 Is that banana and cheerios and pepperoni and milk(eat eat eat, sleep), and a three and a half month old who is more interested in his outer limbs than sleep, so is becoming more cranky. Just about the time that I get one or even two settled down, the others act up, and all are awake and cranky! And just think, in a few more months, I will have a newborn!! Granted, I won't have Baby Bear anymore, and Littleman will be older and more used to having a baby around, and Bigguy should be starting school in september.

On a different note, we have the bed set up, and will be very comfy for the few months until we buy a queen size. I figure we will need the queen by february so that my rapidly growing tummy will stay in bed and ubder the covers. Oy, I am getting huge. Yes, some of it isn't baby wight, but all of the fat is at the arms and thighs-the tummy is all baby. Yep,all baby, and that watermelon I swallowed whole on a dare.

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