Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Baby # 3

I had my 20 week ultra sound today, well 20 weeks 1 day. I am halfway through this pregnancy with baby#3, and everything is looking good. My doctor will be getting back to me early next week to set up an appointment before our next regularly scheduled endevor if it looks like anything is amiss, but I doubt that will happen. I was lucky in that I got a very honest ultrasound technician. US techs have a hard row to hoe, especially when they are working with pregnant women. They are limitted by liability laws in what they can tell the family,but at the same tame, can use their judgement to decide what is necessary. The US tech, when I had my ultra sound with Littleman, was withen their legal right to tell me about the 2 vessel cord, as that was obvious, not easily prone to error, and within her guidelines of what is doable, but chose instead to make a lot of "uh-huh" and "hmmm" noises that freaked the shit out of me and Hubby. This time, Hubby was home with the kids, all of whom were still in bed. The tech had everything warmed up and ready to go, she let me know everytime she found what she needed, if she needed to look a little more what she was saving images of, and if it all looked good. It was very reassuring that she had no problems finding the 4-chamber heart, and that the beat was stable, as both the boys have murmers. Innocent murmers, but they could become more malicious as they age and become more active. She found the cord right away, all three vessels in tact, entering the baby's belly and leaving the placenta. Both lungs, diaphragm, kidneys, liver, bladder and stomach all accounted for. I am so pleased. Many people do not have the luxery of giving birth to a healthy baby, with all parts present, accounted for, and functional, and it appears that I will be having this for the third time in three years. Her only concern was very, very mild, she stressed that Dr A will call me if he thinks it's an issue- My placenta is sitting nearer to the cervix than is normal. It is not touching the cervix, nor is it overlapping the cervix, so it does NOT look like placenta previa will be an issue, but she just wanted to give me a heads up. Everything looks fine, healthy and on track for the babies developmental age, incliding Hubby and my baby's trademark big head and linebacker shoulders. The circumferance is already measuring in at roughly 17.5 cenimeters, which translates roughly into 6.5 to 7 inches. It will be at least double that come birth. The shoulders you ask? I do not have an exact measurement, but the tech said they were sizeable.
I am happy to have a healthy baby, I am blessed to have a heathy baby.

Oh, what's that you ask? Wasn't I supposed to find out gender today? I did! It appears that baby#3, who still doesn't have a name picked out yet, is going to be Baby BOY #3. Well, either that, or I'm having a girl with a pronounced penis!

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