Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Not a posting fail, but a personal choice

I was going to apologize for my posting fail during the bulk of April. I was really psyched to do my AAM series, but I did not.
The reason I did not post more was that I made the decision to, instead of writing about all the things that Thor has brought into my life, to share them with him.
We spent a glorious number of hours dancing, singing, talking about colors, shapes, feeling, textures, and on and on
We cuddled, snuggled, huggled, and had many other forms of physical contact which I did not know were different, until he explained it to me.
I found out the emotions have smells.
Happy smells good, sad smells icky, angry smells harsh, like hot peppers and vinigar.
I just enjoyed my kid.
Something that I plan on doing every day, regardless of the month.
I will still post, but all three of them are my first priority.