Friday, February 25, 2005

Everyone is ill.

Everyone in housewifeland is ill. Bigguy has a cold, littleman has a cld and a mild virus, Hubby has a virus and is being an ass about it, and I, hw2k am also ill. I don't have the time to be sick unless everyone else is healthy-this sucks-2 sick boys and a sick hubby and I just want to fall over and sleep and I can't. I have to clean up vomit, diarreah, runny nose and cater to the food and drink need of three individuals, and ain't nobody taking careof me. AAARRRGGGHHH

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's a NEW post!!!

Well, alot of things have happened in housewife land since last I wrote. Hubby and I made it legal-so now he really is Hubby. I filed our tax returns. We looked at some places and turned them down. Bigguy is bigger-Little man is now not-so-little.
I have come to the conclusion that everyone I know, myself included, are nuts. We are either very normal in a crazy world-which frightens me, or we are extremely abnormal in a sane world-wich also frightens me. I do not want to accept that the world is "sane", that would mean accepting reality as it is-war, republicans, homelessness, epidemics, and all. However, I am not willing to accept that I and those around me are normal either-that is almost as disturbing as republicans. It's somewhere in between, and I know that I can affect my immediate surroundings, I hope I will raise my children in such a way as to be able to affect global changes. My boys are smart, attractive and charismatic(words of people not related to them as well, I realize I have parental bias) Looks and charisma can gat you far in this country-people have ruled companies and countries with theese alone. You thro intelligence into the mix and they could be unstoppable. I will support them in whatever endevors they undertake when they grow up-even if it be as a professional pump jockey- but I hope that they be doctors, politicians, activists, teachers,scientists-something that will benifit society and allow them to make a change and a difference. I was really down on myself the other day-What was I doing to make a difference? Then it hit me like a truck-I am raising my boys, I the HW2K am raising my own children, not paying otherpeople to raise them so I can work, I am doing it. I am helping shape their world view, beliefs, morals, values, everything. If my children grow up to do great things-it is partly in fact of their father and me.Adversly- if the grow up and do horrible things....

I would like to think that I make a difference. I would like to think that I matter beyond my family. I would like to think that when I die, people will remember me for more than being HW2K-but if all I do is raise my kids right-it is enough.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm still here...

just really busy-I haven't forgotten my loyal readers--all 3 of you =p