Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thomas and Percy tried to kill me.

After having the week from hell, seriously, and begining an epix battle with Xcel energy, Thomas and Percy tried to kill me.
Some backstory, if you will-
Everything was out of sorts this week. Hermes, Thor and Loki were being rabid spider monkeys, everything was having to be rescheduled, and I could not get ahold of anybody.
Wednesday, I fell and jacked up my bad ankle, and my right writst and shoulder. I tripped over the dog on the way to answer the phone, the phonecall in question turned out to be from a telemarketer.
Wednesday evening, I burned the bacon for dinner while I was in the bathroom, so instead of having Carbanara for diner, I had creamy parmesan, garlic butter noodles.
Thursday, Xcel cut my electric. They did this twenty minutes after I contancted an agency to help with the bill. We were doing OK, but then a charge appeared on our account, saying it was the unpaid portion of the bill from a location we lived in before we bought the house, you know, the house we have lived in for over two years.

Thanks to the love, support, and generosity of someone who cares about the boys greatly, we got our electric back on friday.
Friday, I walked up to the boys room to get something, and fell on two train cars, Thomas and Percy- I once again jacked up my bad leg/ankle, bruised my back, both hips, the right ass cheek, and have a bruise on my right forearm that will be really impressive when it fully develops, as it's an ex, my arm came down on one stair, and then I turned before it came down on the next. Last night, when you could see the redness fom the second fall, and the bruise coming up from the first, it made a relly nifty chevron.

When we thought our power wouldn't be on til Monday, we went to the inlaws, got some groceries, and what not.
Thankfully, the inlaws are more than willing to not only have us over for dinner tonight nad tomorrow, but to cook as well. Hubby made breakfast this morning, and tomorrow morning, he will assist in Big Sunday Breakie.
I am falling apart.

On the plus side, I was able to keep my school appointment I had last night, and everything is looking aces for me to start at my new college in he fall. Their program is awesome, I can take all of my classes in classroom if I need to, they have a private child-care assistance fund, so I could take daytime classes, and have the younger two in childcare, AND, AND, this is HUGE immediately after graduating with my BS in accounting, I will have the requirements to sit for my CPA, if I choose. Wow!