Monday, November 07, 2005

Holy Tired, Batman!!

Man, am I tired. I do not know why, I got plenty of sleep, I have been eating right, and the weather hasn't changed too drastically over the last few days. Normally I would blame the pregnancy for making me sleeping, but at this point, 18 weeks, I should be having much more energy. Maybe I have been sleeping, but not getting restfull sleep. For a long while, Hubby and I have been saying that we will be getting our "real" bed soon, as opposed to our collection of mattresses. Well, Poppa Bear just moved 6 doors down, and informed us that he and Mamma Bear have a full size bed for us with frame. Granted, it's a little bit smaller than a Queen, but it will tide us over until after tax return season, when we will have the money for a better quality of matress than what we would be getting now. I will have this fabulous, free, bed tonight or tomorrow, so I will be able to update you soon on how much your sleeping surface affects your quality of sleep, and maybe even your quantity of sleep. Also, with a better bed, I will hopefully be able to get into a possition, comfortably, that forces Baby#3 off of my bladder and my Vargas nerve, without the baby pinching my Scaitic nerve. FUNFUNFUN!!!

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