Monday, July 19, 2010

of physical and mental health and changes

First, the changes, lets start with the obvious, shall we? I changed the site some, I thought the new look was well overdue, and I like the background. I don't yet know if I like the background stationary as the blog scrolles up and down within it, readers, all 3.6 of you, let me know what you think!
In other changes, and mental health, I have started taking St Johns Wort to help with my depression and anxiety issues. I am also finding it helping in other ways as well. Before everyone jumps on the warning my about SJW wagon, let me state, quite clearly, that I am aware of the side-affects, am being monitored, and am already seeing improvements. Being on a med 3x day sucks, but the benifits outweigh that.
I am hungry at regular intervals again, and eating normal portions again, this pleases me, not so much because I was concerned about my weight, as I have fully embraced it, but because it's noce to eat regularly, and normal quantities, as opposed to binging once a day and having a late night snack.

Also, readers, my allergies are kicking my ass ten ways from sunday. I am so over my sinuses right now, just sayin'.

I am also going to try to update more regularly. I know, I know, y'all have heard that before. Now, though, instead of trying to write something you would want to read, I am gonna write whatever I need to write, and hopefully y'all will still come along for the ride.

To recap- site changed look, I am changing mental and physical health.