Tuesday, April 19, 2011

crawling out from under my rock

I had a hectic morning. I had to borrow money from my Mom that I, as an adult of some responsibility, should not have needed to ask for (once again Mom, thank you!), the boys are going nuts, the dogs are going nuts, work is going nuts, and I am back in school.
I had one ofthose mornings where, honestly readers? Yelling, screaming, and kicking things sounded like a really good idea.
I had one of those mornings where, once I got back in the house, all I wanted to do was take a deep breath and have a cup of coffee.
I had one of those mornings where I got interrupted before I could even take a shallow breath.

Then I remembered! I have a BLOG! Y'all, can I tell you how amazing it is to remember that you have a blog? A place that is yours, to rant and rave, to talk about the good and bad, to be as political or not political as you want to be?

I am sitting here right now, admitting that Loki and Thor are eating microwave popcorn and drinking kool-aid in order for me to have five minutes to myself.
I am sitting here right now, not apologizing or explaining my disapearance from Housewifeland, but asking that those of you who stop by understand that sometimes, I forget how much help it is to talk to ya.
I am sitting here, right now, drinking a cup of coffee and breathing.

thank you