Wednesday, November 23, 2005

my kitchen, part two...

After going to the grocery store, and miraculously buying everything I need to make dinner tomorrow for less than $35, well okay, like 40 cents less, but still, less, I came home, recovered from the horror of day before thanksgiving at Cub Foods, oh Dear God, the humanity, and prepared to clean afformentioned kitchen. I have pies to bake tonight, so I can get in a 17 pound turkey tomorrow, so I can feed my household and Sistah-Girl,(as I have decided to call her here). One needs cleanliness, and perhaps more importantly, space and dishes, in order to cook. No, not all my dishes are dirty, not even half, just the diches essential to making Thanksgiving dinner, oh, and tonights dinner, must remember to feed the Hubby and children tonight! I open the dishwasher...pull out the bottem rack...and notice...wait for it.. THE THREE INCHES OF STANDING WATER!!! Yes, standing water in my dishwasher, so I decided to run it again, with all the original dishes in there, to make sure someone who is roughly 3 and a half feet tall didn't walk in and turn the dial with his four year old fingers. Yes, I could do the dishes by hand, but that will take longer, and I need the sink clear to thaw the turkey in it's luxurious ice-water bath, otherwise it'll get thawed in the tub, and then the boys cannot have baths tonight. Let's be honest, the chances of either son getting a bath tonoght is slim to none anywho.

Oh, and did I mention I still need to get toilet paper and laundry degertent-neither of which are necessary to dinner tonight or tomorrow, but both will make life easier and cleaner.

It's almost over-And then, Mom-the-Hipple gets to do it all on sunday! Well, minus the Green bean casserrole, I'll bring that.

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