Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am still felling pretty good, but I am bone tired right now, and I cannot sleep. It could be the two hours, yea TWO hours I spent getting Buddha to sleep, and making sure he didn't wake up Thor. It could be the body letting itself relax after the bath that I took earlier, it could be that I am so ready to go home after spending a few days at the mother-in-laws. Whatever it is, I wish it would either go away or let me sleep.

Add to it the total hormonal rollercoaster I am on right now. I know it's temporary, but there is a small prt of me that fears that my ovaries arent' going to reboot, and that I'll be thrown into surgical menopause at 29 Su re, there are far worse things that could happen, but A) it isn't rather high in my list of good things, and B) the hormone surges are making me blow everything out of proportion right now. Seriously, I am amazed that the cartoonish men in white coats with the person sized butterfly nets haven't shown up yet.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 weeks post op

Tomorrow, around 8 am makes 2 weeks without an uterus. I feel better than I have in a long time, even though I am still sore, and I really, really, need to do a better job of not overdoing it. I feel fine atthe time, but a few hours to the next day, it really messes me up. I am making sure that I am not lifting anything too heavy, and I am not pushing or pulling anything I shouldn't, but I am just doing too much of the stuff I have been cleared to do.

Even though I kept my ovaries, their blood supply will be choked off some for a little while, so I am having some unique experiences. I have been having hot flashes, which sucks donkey, I go back and fourth between periods of insomnia and total lethargy/falling asleep at the drop of a hat, and even though my hair looks awesome, and my fqacial hair is less pronounced, I have been breaking out some over the last few days. All of this should even out in a month or so as my ovaries realize they can function on their own. The pathology was back by mu post op check up - the images of the overies are looking great, and the cervix is really healthy, but I did have adenomyoma- which in an odd way is nice- it means that we were right, and having the hysterectomy was the right thing to do. Honestly, I am %95 percent fine with the decision, there are times when I get a little sad or depressed about it, as it is a major change, but it's the right thing to do, and heck, at 29, I'll never have another period again. I could wear white pants with impunity if I so chose- no interrupted vacations, no period bloat, none of that. On the scky side- since I kept the ovaries, I may still PMS, have cravings, moodswings, and the like, but I think it's a fair trade.

Right now I ma at my mother-in-law's house. my father in law is on vacatio0n until thursday, so it's just her, her dog, and the two yappers she is dog sitting for the friend who is camping with h\the FIL. Since she has more room than us, and has central air, we will be here until at least wednesday. It feels wierd staying here when we have our own perfectly gooed house, but I totaqlly need the help post op, the boys are happy to see her, and tuesday, when it should be in the nineties, the central air will be nice.
The troll who lives under our stairs will be looking after our cat and dog in our absence, and he will definately enjoy having some time to himself. Word came down from the powers on high that the tumor in his mom's lung is now beyond treating, so he knows that she has two months ,at the most, so he needs some time alone to assimilate the changes, and help out his family, and to finaly let some of his emotiions out.

Well, time to loie down again, as the laptop is still more comfy to use than a standard computer, buit I tire really easilly now, and will for a few more weeks, so signing off- Later!