Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's really much more prevalant than you know

I saw my therapist last night. Super Doc gave me a few assignments. I need to take time for my anti-anxiety technique exersizes, I need to write a list of definite issues to work on, and I need to call any number of other SuperDocs to schedule my screening for clinical depression and discuss treatment options

I'll keep my dear readers posted.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Because Snuffy is HAWT

I have a head cold. I sould like snuffleupagus, you know, Big Birds best friend from Sesame Street who started out imaginary but then, one day, everyone could see him? Yeah, I sould like a less depressed version of Snuffy right now, which is totes awesome, as we all know how hott Snuffy was.
The head cold is pissing me off, as I am at this wierd place of ickyness- not so icky that I cannot function, but just icky enough that I really don't want to do anything. I cannot focus nor concentrate on any one thing for any amount of time, which is really not helping me do my homework, or keep the kids entertained. Woot.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Posting from accounting...hehehe, I made a geeky pun

So, I am sitting in week two of Principles of Accounting I, writing in my blog. Why here, why now? Well, that is a many part answer. First, we are going over our homework questions from last week, and I already have that shit down. Second, well, I have more privacy here in class than at home. Third, it's quieter than at home.
Let me explain. Hubby, the boys and I are currently living with the in-laws again. Joy of joys. Between finances, and the property inspector letting us know that the wee tiny house is a wash, structurally, we are now bedding down with MIL and FIL. It is tighter than I would like, spacewise, and it is way more frustrating thatn I would like, spacewise, but the boys are happy and it will give Hubby and I a chance to get back on track financially. It's also easing some of my concerns about being back in school.

I am starting therapy again this weel. It's needed. my mental health is not what it should be. I just really want to be happy and healthy again, and I don't htink I am really either ofthose right now.

Basically,, just wanted to fill everyone in. Thor turns 5 tomorrow. Loki is awesome and so funny, he will tell you so, Hermes is still smart, still a smart ass. Hubby got laid off, is looking for new employ, and I started school again. Living with the in-laws, trying to not be miserable.