Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2 weeks post surgery

It's been two weeks and a day since Thor had his tonsils and adnoids yanked. At this point, he is recovered nicely, getting used to sleeping less and feeling better. He is also talking more, but at the same time, less. He jams a little less than he used to. He is more aware that words have a distinct noise to them, and that he isn't making that noise. He becomes very frustrated when I cannot tell if he is saying Cheerios or Cereal, though the two are interchangeable for him, and he doesn't understand why I am soooo giddy when he says either (cereal has a softer start, and a not quite 'o' sound where the L should be, cheerios has a harder start sound, and an exagerated OOO at the end, btw). A month ago, if he wanted cereal, he would hunt down the box, and dump it on the floor. He can say good, now, and Doggie and Cocoa. Generall in a string of Hi Cocoa, Good doggie! Some personal pronouns are slipping, but they are still here. In the fall he will be in a 20 hour a week program, with other kids on the spectrum. 4 hours a weekday, not counting travel time. It will be the longest that he has regularly been away from me, and I worry.
I sometimes think that I pinned a false sense of hope on the surgery magically fixing everything. It is helping some, but making other areas all the more apparent. He is young, yet, and because of this no one can tell me if he's stabil, spectrum wise, if he'll move up and off, or if he;ll backslide.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

feel so grown-up

Hubbyand I now officially own a home, and a puppy. Married, three kids,, I feel like an adult.
We are going out sometime in the next two weeks to set up an house account. We will set it up to direct deposit mortgage and major bill money directly into-out of sight, out of mind, at least until I write and send out the checks.
No more renting, no more landlords, no more stupid maintenance men-but we have to do our own maintenance now. I just came infrom mowing and weed whipping the yard. I love yard work, and am lookinf forward with a mix of excitement and dread to having to rake all of the leaves our giant friggen tree in our back yard drops.
Hubby's at manards with the FIL right now, being all manly and getting some replacement boards for the deck, and some various tools we didn't already posess.
I am HOME!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Thor is doing well, recovering nicely, you wouldn't even know he had surgery last tuesday. We are waiting for the 7th day crash. The body is off antibiotics by then, and is tired from healing, so generally wipes out for a day or two about then.
We managed to move, just fine, our water pressure is picking up nicely, everything is slowly finding a home, thow some is in the trash, and we might be closing as early as this friday. Finance guy wants it to be no later than next tuesday, but as long as it's before next thursday, it's all good. We are waiting on the underwriter to approve one little thing, then we are good to go!
tired and hectic, write more later.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ohhhh Yeah!!!!

We just got the conditional approval on our mortgage, all the conditions we can meet, on monday, our finance guy is calling the closers to schedule CLOSING!!!!!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Ah yes, T&A, not what you are thinking, I bet.
Thor goes in tuesday of next week for a tonsilectomy & adenoidectomy. Fairly routine, will make his life much easier, and is causing no end to the mommy nerves.
I know he will be fine, but I do feel a little guilty that he will be in enforced couch potato mode for the first week or two of having his own big ol' private back yard to run in.
The official wait to here from the underwriter's on the mortgage started one hour ago. Realistically we will have an answer in the next three days on approval, approval with conditions to close, or denial. Wish us luck!

Friday, May 04, 2007

did I mention it was wee tiny?

So our information for the potential mortgage is starting to be sent to the real live underwriters. It is nervewracking. We were approved by the electrinic underwriting at Fannie Mae in almost record time (and I understand how FannieMae works now, after my nifty first-time-homebuyers class, a class I strongly recomend anyone looking at buying a house,ever! to take, and soon. $35 per household, three nights, it was awesome, I learned so much!). At this point, we get to hope that the general percentages work for us. 98-99% of people who were approved by electonic underwriting are approved by the actual flesh and blood underwriters. Hubby and I were incredibally honest with FinanceGuy about all of our financial stuff because A) who would want to risk being forclosed on almost immediately or not getting approved because you fibbed about what you make and can afford, and B) it never dawned on us to be anything but.
This is in our favor, because if we can get FannieMae saying we are a good risk, and the will comealong in their secondary capacity to buy up our mortgage and invest it to make more money for more mortgages to buy, as they are want to do, the Lender knows that someone thinks we are worthwhile.
I am in the midst of packing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff so we can fit on our wee tiny house, that will be ours, even if we don't get financing now. The owner set it up with us that we will do a 12 month lease to own if our financing falls through, and our finance guy already gave us a list of things to do if we are approved to biuld credit(me), and clean up credit (Hubby) Finance guy said if we are not approved this time(for some nutty reason), doing these things will pretty much approve us next time, six months to a year down the line, as long as Hubby's job is secure, which it sooo is!

On the side of things that are not wee-tiny
Thor has whopping big tonsils and adnoids, and is having them removed on the 15th of this month. They think it mights help his speech greatly, and at the least, he will sleep less, and have more restful sleep, and breath quieter, and not snore.
I know it is fairly routine, the recovery is gonna suck for me, and all, but I am glad to get it out of the way now, while at the same time worried it will be too much for him.