Saturday, November 05, 2005

breakfast this morning

My sister came over for breakfast this morning, we ate, drank coffee, and talked for a really long time. Then bigguy woke up, we talked and laughed some more, then Auntie came over, and there was more laughing and talking. All in all, it was really good. What surprised me was how many of my recolections of growing up are simmilar to hers. Sometimes, when siblings talk about ther childhood there is a bit of a "what family are you from?!" mentality, not today. We remebered, we laughed, we talked about relegion and magik and beliefs and all sorts of stuff, and we ate. There is something about eating together that brings people closer. Maybe it's because we like our eggs the same way, sunny side up, yokey, all cut up, so the yolk is blanded with everything else. You eat this by dredging butterred toast thru the yolk, place some of the whites on the toast, and eat. It is not pretty to watch. She told me a funny story about eating eggs like that in France, and her hosts shock. It rocked. I highly suggest to everyone that they sit down, soon, and eat a homemade breakfast with someone that they do not see every day.

On a different note-
Bigguy is at an age where he is testing his limits with lying, and back-talking. The backtalking is more frustrating and annaoying than anything else, because it is very logical balk talk eighty percent of the time, and the other twenty, it is so illogical as to not make any sense at all. The lying is frustrating because he will do something right in front of me, but when I call him on it, he denies it and changes the subject. We are working on cutting this particular quirk off immediatly. Littleman, in order to not be outdone, has decided to balance the utter frustration of trying not to nap anymore, or at the least force us to drastically change our schedule to the point where we don't have one anymore, with the absolute cuteness of the lopsided "kissyface". If you want to see the kissyface, look in the mirror and do a very exagerated lip pucker, as if you were going to kiss someone. Now do this with your bottom lip lightly sucked in and very, very slightly to the right.

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