Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To Do List

Things to do today:
Clean out van
Pull trash from in house
Laundry, especially the boy's
Plan dinner menu for a few days
Remember to eat lunch
Be on the lookout for giant invading space aliens
Check black market value for reasonably well behaved, precocious, smart-ass, 5 year old children
Clean out coat closet

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Daiper Chronicles, part...who knows

Littleman is 20 months old, and, quite frankly, doesn't have the speaking skils that he should. I am aware of this, and I am frustrated by this. Frustrated not so much because I think there is a developmental problem, as by the fact that I think he is doing it on purpose, to make me frustrated. How does this tie in to daipers? Simple. He doesn't like to wear them, and has figured out how to remove them under almost any sort of clothing. Pants get taken off, onesies are stretchy and hav leg holes, overalls have an opening you can fit a hand down, and we have yet to figure out how he does it through a sleeper. He doesn't do this daily, mind you, we went about a week with him keeping the daiper on, he just did it FIVE TIMES in FIVE HOURS today. I asked a friend for suggestions and she pointed out that the removal of ones daiper is often considered a sign for potti-training readiness. Well DUH, I knew that, but since he won't speak intelligsbly, how the hell does she propose we go about training him? We cannot leave the bathroom door open, he splashes in the toilet, and he still sleeps in a crib, so would have to wear a daiper at night-hid favorite time to remove them!!!

questions and answers

bigguy is still at that age where he questions everything...I don't think there will ever be a time in his life where he isn't that age! Here is a sampling on the questions I have gotten so far today:
Mommy, can you get (instert web name here) into my computer?

Mom, can I have a jelly sandwich? no peanut butter, just jelly? seriously...just jelly?

Mommy, are you ever going to have another baby?

Why? Why? why? Whyyyy? (these asked mostly to annoy, not out of any innate desire to learn)

How come all the other cars are prettier than ours?

and the one that blew my mind, and made me realize that it's never too soon to teach them tact
Mommy, when are you going to lose more weight? Your tummy is big!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too cute by half!

WARNING:this post opens with a discussion about my breasts-it is not all about the boobs though.

I have an injury to one of my nipples. It is a casualty of breastfeeding. I let it get a little too severe, so until it fully heals, Buddha is being nursed off of one side only. So as not to cut down on milk production, and to make sure Buddha has enough to eat, AND to make sure that when I wean him he won't starve himself by refusing a bottle, I have been pumping on the injured side, and storing the milk. I was sitting on the couch and feeding Buddha a bottle after nursing, and Littleman is sitting next to us. OK, Littleman is bouncing and climbing next to us, but he sat occasionally. Littleman pats Buddha's head, then leans down and kisses Buddha's head. It was too, too cute. We had to call Littleman's affections off, though, because he was getting a little too carried away, and came very close to hurting the babe. Littleman was upset, but he decided it was OK when he got a sippy of milk.

It's good to know he cares.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Birthday Part E

Today is my Bigguys 5th birthday. Had he taken three more minutes to be born, it would have been tomorrow, but today, the first chold I ever had turns 5. Makes me feel kinda old, also reminds me that hubby and I have been together roughly six years now.

As Bigguy likes to say, today is his birthday, tomorrow is his birthday part E

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

you take the good, you take the bad

Today was Hubby's first day of work at his new job. Dropping him off this morning was similar to a childs first day of school - making sure he had his linch and phone, scanning the lot to see if the coworkers look like they'll get along with him, waiting a few extra minutes before pulling out...just in case. I was actually surprised at how smoothly everything went this morning. The kids were all up about three hours earlier than normal, Littleman his having his entire daily routine revamped, Buddha seems unfazed by it all, and Bigguy, well....
Last night we got the call from the in-laws that Buddy-the older of their two dogs, and Bigguy's favorite furry companion, was going to be taken to the vets and put to sleep. No parent should have to explain mortality to their small children. God it was heartwrenching. If given the choice, we all would have waited, as Bro-in-law turns 21 today, and Bigguy turns 5 on friday, but it was the dogs time to go. Bigguy seems to be okay for a little while, then not so okay for a little while. We have a picture of him and Buddy taken last night before Buddy had to ge, and that is helping a little. We are being very honest with Bigguy, and making sure he knows that it is OK to hurt, be sad, cry, and miss Buddy. It's okay to be angry, and it is also OK to never want to die. Like I hard.
Right now, he is requesting a peanutbutter jelly sandwich...duty calls....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We heard today that pending the results of tomorrows drug test, Hubby has a job. We are very happy.
My sister came over for dinner today. It's always fun when she's around Bigguy, being they are each others favorite people...EVER. Bigguy flat out denied asking me if my boob got cold, bossed her around while they played ship, and generally hammed it up. My sister enjoyed her meal of steak, steakfries, and asparagus(sic?), and understood my joke about the "Renegade Cow", something Hubby never quite found funny, because he never quite understood.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How many days?

Bigguy is turning 5 in ten days. I know this because a) I am his mom and distinctly remember giving nirth to him, and b) because every day for the last 3 weeks I have been getting "Momma, how many days 'til my birthday?" at least 5 times a day. I also get asked how many days until he starts school, and how many days until we go to Mexico.

Just in case you're wondering...I don't know about school-they haven't set a specific kindergarten start date yet...and it's 143 days till Mexico


I breastfeed. At just over two months of age, baby Buddha has only had a bottle in his mouth once, at four days old, at the behest of a doctor, and then it was pumped hind-milk. (Hind-milk is the fatty milk that comes at the end of the feeding be"hind" the other milk-it helped him with some infant constipation...I know...TMI) My flagrant breast-feeding exposes Bigguy to alot of boob. He generally ignores it, unless Hubby is trying to take a business related cal and then prospective interviewer hears "Hey Mom! Does your boob ever get cold doing that?" I can only imagine what this is doing for Hubby's job hunting prospects.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

fit vs the fat might win

I am working on getting in shape, and that is more than just phisically, btw. I have been working on keeping my house cleaner-the secret-have a routine and don't waiver, one missed day can through everything off, then your back at ground zero, frustrated, and the couch starts to look too good. I have also been exersicing regularly for the last week(just shy of), but honestly, I didn't last night. Bigguy and Buddha had immunizations, I overslept, and just diddn't feel up to it. Today, I know i need to work out, but I am cramping something fierce, and, in the immortal words of small children everywhere- "I don't wannnnaaaa". I will. Then I will shower. Then I will eat ibuprofin like candy. If I don't, the couch will trap me with it's siren song, and I will be helplessly ensnared by it's soft cushions and pillows of comfiness. Must get up....fat trying to win....need to....move