Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Littleman, not so little

When I was pregnant with Littleman, there was some concern. The umbilical cord only had two vessels instead of three, and I has havinh intermittant labor pains for about a month before he was born(not Braxton Hicks-actual contractions.) Due to this, we had screanings done weekly. Everything was looking good, he was looking to be a very big boy. Well, bodies react differently to stress, and unborn Littleman lost some wieght, and quit putting on length. When he was orn, he was very healthy, but smaller than we anticipated, 6lbs13ounces and 19 1/2 inches. Well, now Littleman is Nine and a alf months old, he is also The Baby That Ate Manhattan. 29 inches, 21lbs13ounces. Lets look at this-in nine and a half months, he has grown an inch a month, he has also put on 15 pounds--FIFTEEN. He is healthy, he is big, there are children larger than him. Man.. Bigguy on the other hand finally started putting on weight, he is now, at 4 years old, 34 lbs, he is also 39 1/2 inches-what is surprising aout this? he has grown TWO INCHES in the last month-once he started putting weight back on-he just shot up! Well-back to packing, we move in two days.WOOHOO!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

in five...

Now that it is after midnight, I can technically say that I am moving in five days! Hopefully everyone will be feeling better then. Littleman is teething, again, it happens off and on for the first few years. Bigguy decided to start vomiting today, at first we thought it was a combonation of allergies and heat, but now...I don't know. I fealt really mad at my self, earlier, when I laughed at him. He told me that he threw up at Menard's, I told him that was OK, he said it wasn't. I then stated that sometimes theese things happen, then he stated, quite seriously, "No, Momma, no they don't." I started to giggle, but luckily I stopped myself. I fealt so bad, but what could I do? Sometimes you just have to snicker at them.
I have had to delete the sentance I have been trying to type numerous times, I am very very tired, and typing wierd combinations of words...I will type some more later

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter and Green Day

What do these two things have in common, you may ask? I will tell you, nothing but my husband. Hubby brought his younger cousin to the BFM last night to get copies of the Harry Potter book at the midnight sale. While bumming around and waiting, he decided to purchase the "American Idiot" cd for me, knowing how much I wanted it. Now, I have a kick ass soundtrack for my day, and a good book to read, I move in less than two weeks, have my new adress, a new checking acount, and am planning on going to the drive-in tonight to see Charlie and the Chocolate is sweet

Thursday, July 14, 2005

nothing, but nothing, says bonding better than shopping!

I got together with Mom today. We went shopping and then out to eat with the boys. It was a really nice day, incredible heat aside. Mom and I picked a couple outfits(okay, a shitload of outfits) out to try n, and a few things for the other person to try on. Everything that my mom picked for me fit beautifully, and is a style that I will where. How many other mom's can do that for their 26 year old daughter?? All said and done, she spent a little money on each boy, and a decent chunk of money on me, plus lunch. The buying me stuff was fun, it always is-quote my son "I like it when people buy me things!", but the spending time with mom part was really cool, I don't do it enough anymore, and it meant a lot to me. So everyone-next time you see me in a nice well fitting dress, and think "Damn, that girl looks good, especially for a mom of two!" Thank my mom, she probably picked out and bought the dress, and she is largely responsible for my DNA.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Three weeks left

In three weeks I get to move! I am elated-I will not have to deal with the bullshit here any longer. There are days when I know I don't do everything the in-laws would like, or it gets done, but not in a timely manner. Those are the days when I am biting my tongue to keep from yelling "What, we pay you for the privilage of my being your indentered servant!" I have always bit my tongue, but if I hear anything today, I am going off. Last night FIL was in a pissed of mood. He even announced that he was pissy at everything, and he proceded to, while making the most noise possible, do the dishes. This task normally falls to me, apparently, I made an arrangement, that I never recall making, to do the dishes every day...for NOTHING, not even a thanks most of the time. Just griping about how I don't do them right, or early enough, or I will let them sit until the next morning before doing them or whatever. I understand that I am the only one in the house of working age, who does not work outside of the house...I don't think the in-laws understand, though, that what I do is work, and not just an eight hour job, I do this damn near every day. Sometimes someone will take Bigguy over night or for the weekend, but little man is still with me, rarely do I have them both gone, and when they are, do I relax? Hell no, I do all the things I need to get done that I cannot do when they are arround. The in-laws like to bitch about the state of our rooms-which, in their defense, are messy. We pay rent, a very decent amount to live here, yet all our stuff is in our rooms, because we get bitched at if we use the attic, basement or shed, and their house is already so cluttered that we couldn't possibly have any of it in the common areas.
inhale, exhale,inhale,exhale
Three weeks
not that I'm counting

Monday, July 04, 2005

Independance day

It's july fourth-and as my Bro in law likes to say, the day for all good patriotic american's to blow shit up! Seriously, though, let's take a moment amid all the beer, blowing ups, loud music, and food to remind ourselves that we are celebrating our ountries freedom from another. Let's take a moment to remind ourselves that there are people in the world today living in feer of what their next leader will do, of what our "leader" will do, and wishing for any number of the freedoms that we currently have. So while you are out, having a good time, maube spending time with family and friends, take a minute for those who can't, and realize, that even with a shitty president, assholes in power, skyrocketing gas prices, and a broken state gov't-that we are rather lucky to have anything. Remember that supporting your troops is different from supporting the war, that speaking up if you are unhappy with the leadership of your country doesn't make you unpatriotic, and that we are a free country, and we need to ensure that we keep what freedom we have.