Friday, November 25, 2005

thanksgiving, the recap

Everything came out well, I think. Relatively on time, and, as always for turkey day, there was more than enough food. The only real problem I have is this-My turkey was very flavorful, but cooked faster than it should have by almost an hour, and was dry-but only on one side!! Otherwise-it rocked. Oh, and it became painfully obvious that I need a large serving platter, and a large cutting board of the meat carving variety-in a pinch-a pizza pan works though.

Now, for something completely different-
My Mother-in-Law does many a thing to piss me off, being she is queen passive-aggressive, and as I said, I don't like to play that fame, but every now and again, she does something that is genuinely nice for me. She has a fabulous pot that I have envied for a while, it is heavy, cooks evenly, rarely sticks, and, well, it just rocks. She and the FIL found on at the thrifst store they frequent, picked it up for me, are giving it a proper cleaning and dis-infecting first-just to be on the safeside, and then it will be mine! Plus, they are taking the boys tomorrow so that I can finally see the Harry Potter movie, since I didn't go when everyone else did.

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