Tuesday, February 28, 2006

see-saw, rollercoaster, merry-go-round, or whatever else you want to call it

I just want to roller coaster to stop, someone to help me off, and find a nice bench to sit on and eat icecream at while the world passes me by.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Myself, Hubby, and some of our closer friends joke about Baby#3 being very Zen, chill and over all relaxed. Since we cannot pin point why his resting heart-rate is so low, and why he can go from being very active to very, well, calm, in a short time frame, we just convinve ourselves that he is at peace with the world around him, and relaxed.
Honestly, I am scared half to death that something is very wrong, but each day that passes makes me a little more calm, a little less worried. Each day that passes will make him that much less premature, and if we can just hold out for three more weeks, just twenty-one days we will be all good.
I have a feeling that no matter what this one looks like, how big or small he is, or even how much he fusses, that there is a very good chance that he will end up having Buddha for a nickname, being he is so zen and chill now.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bad record keeping can affect others

So I had yet another in a long stream of FNST's this morning. Baby#3 was being persnickity and not wanting to cooperate, which I kept teliing Dr B and Nurse C proved he was just fine. Near the end of my appointment, I reminded Dr B of my "standard" pre-natal next wednesdy, as well as another FNST, when Dr B hits me with the shocking question o the day
"What's your due date again?"
I informed him that the technical due date is April tenth, and he replies "Hunh, that's a ways out yet, in't it?"
"Well, yeah, that's why all the concern and stuff, why?"
"The way Dr A has it written in your records, it looks like the due date is March 30th."
"No. March 30th is wat we were thinking before the ultrasound. All the ultra sounds up till this point have said the exact same thing-April 10."
"Well then, expect your wed. appt. to last a little longer than expected, so we can go over all the information a little better, and weigh all your options then."

Apparently, what happened is this. Instead of useing the lines on my chart provided for writing down estimated due date as factored by last menstrual cycle, and due date as determined by ultrasound(the more effective method), Dr A just kind of randomly jotted all this in the corner, and did it at a crooked diagonal, so it looked like we first thought the kid would be due in April, but it was actually due in March. A week and a half doesn't sound like a long time, but in the land of gestation, it is sometimes critical.
Dr B feels bad, but it isn't his fault, really. By wednseday noonish I will have a much better idea of what is going on, and when to expect the baby.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....Duh duhn Duhduhn

So I woke up this morning, went to the doctors for my non stress test, and ten minutes after being strapped in, find out that Dr B was called away on an emergency. His nurse, C (I kid you not, I went from Dr A to Dr B and Dr B's nurse has the first initial C, his other nurse is R, btw), is a very senior, very experienced, very sweet woman. She finished out the test, hmmed and hawed, looked at my other information, hmmed and hawed some more, and let me know that Dr B was probably going to want to see me back in the clinic...today, waiting until ass early friday morning might just not be good enough. I drive home, fill Hubby in on the news and try not to panic.

See, here's the deal, with apologies to Mom for not calling her to fill her in, but I don't have her work number, and I didn't want to make her worry without reason. Yesterday, my Braxton-Hicks contractions (damn them!!!!) started to intensify, and Baby#3 started to move AGAINST them, which is very uncomfortable. Imagine shrinkwrapping a dry sponge, poking a small hole in the wrap, and then dunking it in water. The resulting sponge fighting to expand against something unwilling to give scenario is what it felt like was being played out inside my uterus. None to happy.
This morning, they weigh me, and all said and done, that was relatively harmless. Then they took my blood pressure, a task which is normally rather pleasent, especially when you get to watch the nurses try to figure out if you can actually be alive with a blood pressure that low.
"Hmm" said C...she said the same thing last friday, then noticed she needed a alrger cuff, and it was then followed by "Huh, you got low pressure, don'tya!" So naturally I was expecting the same thing today. instead, I got
"Hmm, this is looking high, and I double checked it."
I filled her in on the cramping and contracting, but assured her that I thought it was nothing to worry about, or I would have called last night. Pro'lly just the old B-H again. Well, after looking at the read-out of the FNST, it turns out that I am having "real" contractions.

Dr B got back to the office, and C gave me a call a little bit ago. Since he has to see me Friday AM, unless there is any number of a long list of changes, we will not worry. I am to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eliminate as much stress and worry as I can. But! But, if any single thing on the long list of things to watch for should happen or change-I must call immediately to get in A.S.A.P to be seen...but don't worry...and try to rest...

Monday, February 20, 2006

left home a baby, came back a boy

Bigguy and Littleman spent the weekend with the in-laws. When they left, Litleman was still my baby. Yeah, he's 16 months old now, but he still looked like a baby. Pudgy cheeks, teeeth open-tongue-sticky-out-smile, kinda shakey with movements outside of the "comfort zone", any parent gets the idea. When he came home on sunday, not even a full forty-eight hours later, he wasn't my baby any more. Now, he is my little boy. The cheeks aren't as pudgy, the smile is that of a boy, not a baby, his movements are sure, and controlled.
My sister, when I called her this morning to tell her, remeberred immediately when it happened to Bigguy. Hubby also remembers clearly when it happened with Bigguy. I know it happened before, but the memory of it is hazy, it doesn't seem like it struck me all at once like it did now. I am stuck wondering if I have enough pictures of his 'babyface', and looking for the endearing mannerisms that were present just a few days ago.
Soon, I will have another, and once more will have to remember every baby thing, because the grow so fast.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

posting may become sporadic

I do not know how regularly or often I will be posting for the up and coming future. I am going to have to go in twice a week to have a fetal non-stress-test done until one of two things happen-they figure out why Baby#3's resting heart rate is so low, while the rest of the time(like when he is almost constantly moving) it is where it should be, or until the doctors or mother nature decide it's time for #3 to be born. I have been instructed to eliminate unneccesary stress and worry from my life until this happens, and so the blog is not my top priority, but if I have the time, or the need, I'll give an update, and whatever else comes to mind.

Oh, and speaking of what comes to mind...

If anyone is in the mood to spend lots of money on cloth daipering products for me, here are links to two different, complete packages that I wouldn't mind having- a cheaper, but more labor intensive one and a more expensive, but less labor intensive one. Theoretically, either package would get me from birth to potty training, but we all know in reality, I will need to purchase more of either at some point or another, for any number of reasons. Just thought I'd put the info out there if anyone wants to help out. If you didn't want to buy an entire package, I would be happy with any parts thereof.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Yeah, any instance, including the title, in the last post where you see the word daiper-yeah...that should be spelled d-i-a-p-e-r. I've always had issues spelling that. That and beige-beige lost me a spelling be first place once...lousy beige...shouldn't be allowed to give you that one after weird...lousy weird, not following the rules of the english language... i before e my ass....

Friday, February 10, 2006

daiper debates, and spoken word frustrastion

It is now time to open the debate, once again, on cloth vs. disposable whne it concerns daipers. Bigguy wore disposables, Littleman also wears disposables. We thought about cloth with Littleman, but due to the fact that we were living with the in-laws, the issues that bogarting the washer could've caused, and the price of a daiper service-disposables won out. There are definate advanteges to being able to toss an icky daiper, and some drawbacks as well. One of the big draw backs is the dreaded Daiper Rash. Littleman has a very sensitive bumm, is prone to nasty rashes, and apparently, partly due to the sensitivity, partly due to the exczema, and partly due to who knows what, is prone to baby bum yeast infections. Now, for those of you going EEEWWWWW, its just another type of rash, easily treatable, not like a "womanly" yeast infection at all. Bigguy got some nasty rashes, but not nearly to the extant that Littleman has. Allegedly, cloth daipers help prevent daiper rash, yeast infections and the like.
Financially-cloth is a larger initial output, but over the long run, it's cheaper. especially while we are in the townhomes and don't pay for water, but if it is soiled while we are out and about-well, tough cookies. Maybe we will settle on a combination of the two?? I don't know.

I would really appreciate any input others would be able to give on this subject-however-if your arguement is going to boil down to nothing other than the environmental ramifications, I've already heard it.

Now, the "spoken word frustration" portion of this entry. I have been having alot of dificulties with the spoken word the last few days, lots of stuttering, spoonerisms, and "verbal dyslexia". I don't know what is causing it, just that it's really annoying. I've been chalking it up to the pregnancy, Hubby suggested brain tumor, and another friend suggested that I was just going dumb, along with being really irrational-so if anyone wants to chime in with possible causes or helpful hints-that too would be appreciated.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"nesting" instincts

The housewife, in the wild, will experience what is referred to as the "nesting instinct" towards the end of her pregnancy. This instinct is rather productive in nature, as it compells the HW2K to have everything clean and ready for the baby. Bags need to be packed for the hospital, bassinet bedding needs to be cleaned, the layette needs to be found or purchased, basic necessities for post-partum life need to be readily available, and most importantly to the wild housewife, everything needs to be SPOTLESS. Cleaning becomes an obsession, however, in the early stages of "nesting" it is an on-again-off-again obsession. One that only really hits at inopportune times, like the desire to clean her sons room, when her sons are asleep, and will undoubtedly be awoken by the clanging. Or the urge to do all the laundry in the house, when the basement dwelling roommates are asleep, or the urge to do anything, when, quite frankly, she should be asleep.
Woe for the Hubby of the housewife, for he is certain that she is going crazy, and there is nothing he can do but tell her to go back to sleep, it is not wise to bake oatmeal cookies, mop the kitchen, and make a quilt at four thirty in the morning.

tired and cranky

I slept rather poorly last night, but still better than the night before. I have entered the "Discomfort Zone".
Yes, folks, enter the "Discomfort Zone" and marvel at how the only comfortable possitions to lie down in are the two possitions that cause severe leg cramping, or make you need to pee!
"Discomfort Zone" Stand in awe when you realize that in the next six to nine weeks, the baby inside of you will DOUBLE it's current weight and add up to six more inches! You thought the movements were painfull now?
"Discomfort Zone" Thrilled with the knowledge that your back is finally starting to correct itself, mourn the loss of properly functioning hips! Who needs to stand, walk, and sit comfortably, or at all?
"Discomfort Zone" Remember folks, that even though they can be painful, Braxton Hicks contractions don't do anything productive, they are just annoying.
Yes, you too can visit the discomfort zone, just get pregnant, and wait thirty or so weeks!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

feeling pregnant, purple-monkey

Last night was not a great night. I was having some painful Braxton-Hicks contraction, Littleman didn't want to sleep because he's teething a molar, and Bigguyy didn't want to sleep because, well...all we can figure is he's afraid he's gonna miss something. I fell asleep fairly easily once I lay down, but I was unable to stay asleep, and since I am on a new and comfy bed, it was something on my end waking me up. It looks and feels like Baby#3 has moved himself down a little in utero, and that is probably why everything is less than copacetic right now.
in other news-Bigguy will be registered for Kindergarten in a month, and having a session of preschool over the summer. I no longer question whether or not Bigguy is ready for school, I do, however, question school's readiness for Bigguy.
Apparently, I am a purple-monkey head, because I will not let Bigguy have marichino cherries for breakfast. Man I love the insults of childhood!
Littleman has been very frustrated as of late because he is figuring out the whole walking and talking thing that has been eluding him, but he is getting it all at once, and therefor still unable to succesfully do either.
Theres an update for now,
purple-monkey head signing off