Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Thor has learned how to fake sneeze. This came about a little while ago, when we were at the in-laws, he sneezed, and MIL told him 'Gesundheit!", the next time he sneezed, I said 'Bless you". He gave me a look, then walked around making sneezing noises until someone said gesundheit again. Something about the word he likes, so he makes his sneezy noises to hear it. This is actually a really good thing, devolopmentally, as he is learning that certain sounds get certain responses...a prequel to speaking, if you will.
I am finding myself speaking to adults the way I speak to Thor, when someone gets something I request, I reply with "That was good listening. That was good doing. Great job! Thank you!", and get a strange look. We have to break down everything he does into catagories, and when he does good, praise him. If he follows a request to its logical conclusion, he is praised for every step.

Hermes was home ill yesterday. I had him off the computer, and in his room, to rest. He came down at one point to ask to play, and I said no...he replied, "But that's not faaaiiiir!" I was so shocked to hear this, my baby's growing up!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

well, he's stopped.

I called the Dr about Thor's issues. Dr asked that I document for a week or two, then call back and give a rundown/schedule and appointment. Of course, as soon as I try to document it, the vomiting stops. This is fabulous, but means that if it starts up again, we are back at square one.

Thor has also decided, out of the blue, that butterred bread is an acceptabvle texture again. Pleasing to eat, and tasty, too.

Buddha is becoming more and more mobile daily. Good, yet frieghtening. It is much easier to keep track of the wee ones when they cannot run or walk, even if it is only about four steps.

Hermes is still doing awesome at school, I cannot wait until mid-late march, for his conferences.

I still need to get more sleep, but maybe after my next Dr appointment, we canfigure out why I have been so tired.

Friday, February 16, 2007

probably don't want to read this before, or right after, dinner

Thor's been vomiting, semi-regularly, for a while now. Only once per day, and generally only two or three times a week, but for the last few months, a pattern has emerged. For a while, we thought naybe it was dogs, as there was often a dog around when it happened, then maybe dairy, then maybe being sick, then who knows what. I realized, though, that there is a fairly definate pattern to the occurances that happen when he is not obviously sick.
Did you know that there was a link between vomiting and autism? Yeah.. me neither. I knew that kids with autism were more likely to have digestional issues, but never kenned to the vomiting. It can be treated, it can go away, sometimes it's fairly permanent. I'm going to schedule a Dr's appt for him for monday to rule out any illnesses or allergies, but it might be symptomatic of the autism. Fun.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Finally, something we need is going to be on sale when we actually have the moneys to pay for it!! Our stzate return showed up in our bank this morning, still waiting on the fed (Mom, you will get your check as soon asthe fed shows up, should be less than two weeks.) Menards is having a slae starting tomorrow with shelving units. Units the right size and material to modify in order to make the critter condo! Yay! This will make my life much easier, my house much easier to clean, and much safer for the wee Buddha to crawl around and practice walking in, and in general be a good thing!

Thor is doing amazing! He is starting to use some words regularly again, and is trying to help Buddha with saying things like 'Momma' and 'Poppa' and 'Bottle'. Car rides right now sound like this-
Thor "Mommmmmmmaaaa, pooooppppppaaaa, booootttllllle"
Buddha " Momamomamomamomamoma, pabapabapabapabapaba, bababababababa.phhhbbbllllltttt!"
Thor "Phphphllllbbtt!"
Buddha "Momma!"
Thor "Mommmaaa, gud baayyyybee! Liammmmmmmmm!"
repeat as needed to fill the drive.

Hermes is awesome. I am so pleased with my little man. He had his math placement test at the Palace of Learning last week or the week before, I cannot recall, and out of all the questions on two pages only got 1 wrong. The only one he didn't know how to do! I cannot wait until conferences so we can discuss which classroom he will be doing math in, and with wich teacher. His handwriting is improving daily, as is his motor control with writing and coloring implements. The only concern right now-according to the person who did the vision and hearing checks at school, Hermes might have weak eye muscles, so when I schedule my next exan, which will be as soon as I get the vision card, if I don't decide to go sooner and make the ins. company reimburse me, I need to get him in too. The optometrist needs to check him out, fill out a form for school stating wether or not their is a problem, and wether or not it is correctable/can affect his learning/he'll grow out of it/whatever. It sounds like if there is an issue, it is easily correctable, so no worries!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Unholy cold!

For the last few years, the Winter Carnival had issues with the weather being too warm...people grumbled. How are you supposed to have a winter carnival when the ice is melting?? Well, people are starting to grumble again this year, but for the oppisite reason. It is so cold, that they might have to cancel some events this weekend. It is not going to be above zero at all tomorrow, probably not again until tuesday. Wicked cold, bitter cold, call it what you will, it's just COLD.

Hermes is being picked up from the palace of learning by his Gramma today. Last weekend he was able to spend time with Grammy, this weekend it's Gramma and Dad-dad. They decided to take Hermes overnight tonight, and pick up Thor tomorrow, and take them to the children's museum once again. Behold the power of the Yearly Pass in all it's splendor. An adult might become bored with the display of the season, but not children. Two little boys running around the Bob The Builder display, all the other hands on stuff...they'll be in heaven! The main reason they are going is the unholy cold. Little kids need to burn off energy, or they ddrive everyone around them nuts! Grammy takes Hermes through the skyway, his favorite thing to do with her next to going to the park or a jazz event. Gramma takes them to the museum, his favorite thing next to the park or camping/hiking/fishing to do with them.
We are very lucky to have two sets of awesome grandparents who love their grandkids, and spend time with them having fun.
Buddha is going to have some peacefull time tomorrow, time to crawl/saunter around and explore the house without fear of being run down by an older kid. He will also be having a nice, warm, uninterupted bath, something he rarely gets. The norm for him is to be washed down as quickly as possible, so his brothers don't annoy him/jump in the tub.steal his towel.

Wicked cold outside, but nice inside.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

when advertising attacks!!

A couple of twentysomething dudes were arrested in Boston, MA for "Purpetrating a hoax to induce terror". Their "crime", if one wanted to call it such, was placing "bomblike devices" in strategic, high traffic areas. The devices were basicallly flat light-brights. Little boards with diods and batteries and wires which when illuminated outlined a monnenite flipping the bird. If the boston officals had taken the time to ask ohhh.....any nineteen year old male, they would have ventured forth immidiately with the answer..."OMG..It's from Aqua teen hunger force!!" The glowing mooninites are part of a TEN CITY ad campaign by Turner broadcasting, who owns cartoon network, and therefor Adult Swim. LA, Portland Oregon, New York, Texas, none of the other nine cities had any issues, but Boston is trying to press terrorism suits against the two men, Turner, the ad agency who came up with the idea, and any body else...Why? Because they are to stubborn to admit they overreacted. The Boston officials claim that in a post 9/11 society, we need to be more aware of how our actions affect others...I agree...and the officials need to be aware that THEIR overreaction and subsequent pressing of lawsuits is making them look rediculous. Their actions are going to needlessly frighten free-thinking, free-speaking individuals more than a couple of mooninites.