Saturday, October 22, 2005

My children are sleeping, or at least doing a reasonable facsimile thereof, and I should be relaxing, but I cannot. I have this niggling feeling that I desperately needed to do something today, and it din't get done. I have wracked my mind, and connot think of anything that I didn't do that couldn't wait. To try to ease the feeling, I work on the dishes, but that isn't it, so I move to wipe down the ccounters, but that isn't it. Laundry? Why would I need to do laundry on a saturday night, when we don't have any plans for sunday, and even if we did we have clean clothes? Maybe I'm supposed to be knitting? No, the only project in the future that has a deadline is still a little ways off, and I don't even have the yarn for it yet...I know that's not it. The rational part of me knows that absolutely nothing needs to be done right now but still I cannot let go of the feeling.

This coupled with the uncontrollabe crying jags has me concerned.

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Hw2K said...

for some reason, blogger is not letting me publish new posts right now. I am fine, I talked to my nurse on duty at Dr A's office. She said everything, the crying and restlessness all sound like blood sugar fluctuations. When I laid out what and when I have been eating for the last week, she said that hammered it home. I am not going crazy, yet.