Sunday, October 23, 2005

I woke up, had a glass of milk, played on the computer, then made brunch...

After having a kind of jagged last few days, I am amazed at how "normal" today seems. I woke up this morning, and had a 12 ounce glass of 2% milk, just like Dr A's nurse said I should. Then I sat for half an hour to let my body process it, and played on the computer. I made brunch, fed the boys, talked with Hubby...Laughed with Hubby, and have been feeling nicely put together all morning. I have plans to clean my kitchen counters and floor today, alrgely because I finally have good floor cleaner, and a bucket big enough for my mop. I am going to do some laundry, and try to vacuum, but if everything doesn't get done, it's no problem. I think I might bake some bread, because bread is one of the least demanding, yet most rewarding things you can bake. Being as I don't have any bread pans yet, I am either going to have to make a bagette stule loaf, or a "rustic" round loaf, but it will be good.

I have come to the rather odd conclusion that freshly made, homemade, bread is theraputic. First, you mix together very basic ingredient. You lightly knead it, then you place it in a bowl, cover it up, and put it someplace warm for a while. After your dough has sat, you remove it from it's bowl, and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF IT!!! This is very good at releaving pent up stress and agression, not to mention good for building up your arms. Then you shape it and let it sit again. After a while longer, it goes in the oven to bake. This is when the house fills with the glorious yeasty smell you get from bread. Ever since I was a little tiny girl, that smell has made me feel safe and protected. Then, once it is done, you break off a slab and slather it with butter and it is sooo good. For a special treat add a little honey.

I also noticed that Littlemn took his early nap today, something he didn't do yeaterday...I shedule my life very heavilly around my childrens schedules, and when they are off, I am off. I deffinately think I need to rethink our daily routine.

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