Monday, October 17, 2005

an hour early

Lately I've been waking up at least an hour earlier than everyone else. This is largely because of watching baby-bear, but it has certain other benefits. In my quiet, yes, quiet hour in the morning, I can take care of last night's dishes, wipe down the counter, and get a pot of coffee going. I can sit down and eat an uninterupted bowl of cereal(iron fortified, good for momma and for Baby#3!)
I can gather my thoughts while eating said cereal, and while drinking my hot, tasty, beverage, I can plan dinner if I hadn't already. Most of all, I can be alone with my tummy. I am constantly on the move, even when I am sprawled out on the couch, my muscles are poised for action. Moms do not get to sit! Moms do not get to relax! Moms work is never done! (At least while little chidren are awake) So, when I am the only one up, and my work is begun, i can take some time, after I eat, to focus on the life growing inside of me. I can just start to feel Baby#3 as it moves in it's constant bath. I can marvel that at this point, my baby has fingers and toes, eyelids, nostrils, and all the other parts a baby has. At this point, the baby looks very much like a miniaturized person, who has been stewing in body temperature water for the past coupla months. I imagine what sort of personality it will have, based solely on theese early, private, nobody but me can feel them, moments. I try and determine if the baby is more active when I eat foods that are savory, or sweet, spicy, or mild, carbs or protiens. I see if, somehow, I can sense it's gender, if the baby has a girl vibe, or a boy vibe, so that I can tell myself I knew before the doctors and ultrasound technicians. Sometimes, I talk to the baby, sometimes I talk to my grandma, who passed away over ten years ago, sometimes I wonder if grandmas can talk to babies before they are born. I like that thought.

One hour earlier. Only 60 minutes.

It could be a lifetime of tranquility before the rest of the world wakes up to hurry me on my way.

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