Thursday, October 06, 2005

I am freakin' AWESOME!!!

I, the housewife2ooo, just singlehandedly changed Littleman's crib bedding, matress pad nd all. What is so freakin' awesome about that, you might ask, people change crib beddings all the time by themselves. Yes, they do, but does everyone do it with the baby still IN the crib??? I didn't want to set him down, as he can crawl faster than I can walk, and I try not to run in the house, so I put him in the far left side of the crib, changed the right side, switched him to the far right side, then changed the left side. Littleman is now sitting in the crib, looking at, and feeling, the different sheet with an expression, and sounds, of complete wonder. I am magic, as far as he is concerned. I change daipers, make food, give toys, cuddle, and ghange the crib. I am supermom!!!!!

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