Tuesday, October 11, 2005

bedtime rebellion

I am supposed to be going to bed now, but I cannot for two reasons. Bigguy is still awake, and I am wondering why biggiuy is still awake. I do not need to stay up with him-it's Hubby's night to do that, as I have BabyBear being dropped off at 7:30 tomorrow AM(his mom has to work, his dad has phys therapy early) and need to be up early, especially if I want breakfast pre 10AM(which Dr A says is necessary to keep my blood sugars level thruoghout the day-supposedly lessoning my chances of gestational diabetes.)
It dawned on me, about the time I started this post that the reason Bigguy is still awake is because he is my child. Hubby is fairly nocturnal, when given the chance, but would always go to sleep when told. Me-i fight it when told, but the rest of the time, can fall asleep at the drop of...well... anything. Hubby sometimes jokes that I am partially narcoleptic. Get me in any reasonably comfy possition, I'm out, unless you tell me you want me to sleep. I think I just need to start putting Bigguy in his room at the same time every night, but not tell him it's bedtime, not act like it's bedtime, just tell him not to wake up his brother. Kid'll probably be out cold in thirty minutes everynight. I think I have a new experiment for next week.(I always start new sleep routines with the boys on a monday, so that it is fairly sunk in come the weekend)
Wish me luck, and please don't tell me it's bedtime!

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