Monday, October 10, 2005

Changed some things, misplaced some others

Well, as you can see, I changed the face of my blog some. Wanted something cleaner looking, easier on the eyes, and more my current style. Unfortunately, when I did this, I lost my links and google ads. I can put them back after I do two things a)remember how to format the code to add my links where I want them in my side bar area space, and b) remeber what my password was for google ads. Of course, I could probably e-mail Google ads, and they would help me out, and I could get help with the links as well, just not right now.
I hope you enjoy the new look, and the new posts. You might notice the posts taking on a different angle, tone, or who knows what, but as you start to put your house in order-even if it is slow going-your brain gets put back in order, and everything in your life takes on a slightly differrent hue. Less frenzied, less harried, less stressed.


Kylark said...

*blink blink*

(Me upon loading your blog for the first time today.)

Anonymous said...

check comments on Sep. 28th
I just found you! Looking good!