Friday, October 07, 2005

I saw Dr A today!

I am having a text bok pregnancy, according to the amazing Dr A. Everything is how it's supposed to be in the illusive "average" pregnancy. My next appointment is in three weeks, they will be drawing lots o' blood to run lots o' tests. We will also be deciding when to schedule the next "official" ultra sound. However, Dr A has a nifty 1980's era ultrasound machine-grainy picture, no zoom, no measurements, no pics. What it will do is let us see the baby, and maybe, just maybe determine gender. We will be finding out the sex of Baby#3-it's just easier if we do, easier to prepare the boys, easier to have clothing ready, easier for people to buy us things, and that 1980 US machine might just be what tells us.

SistahGirl had fun with Bigguy, Bigguy had fun with SistahGirl, Bigguy is telling me, now, at his bedtime, that SistahGirl let him play with her Gameboy at bedtime, and we should get him a gameboy for to play with because he wants on and then he wouldn't havetogotobedbecauseheisnottiredandhedoesn'twanttosleepandhewantsauntiesgameboyandandandandand.....
I think he just crashed.

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