Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tylonol 3 with codiene!

I hurt.
When I was younger I ground my teeth when I slept, a lot. I recently started doing it again. I lost a part of a filling because of it. Now my mouth hurts. My cheek is swollen, and I can feel pain all the way through my jawbome. Due to a paperwork snafu, I will not hve dental insurance until the first of the month-friday. Until then-I can deal with the pain, or I can take my Tylonol 3 with codiene. I have opted for the drugs-no, my mouth hurts and I am loopy and tired. The mother in law is home all week-taking a paid vacation from work while the father in law is at scout camp, I am actually glad for this. This means I can take my pain pills during the day if needed, and she can help with the boys. Also, if need be, she or the bro in law canhelp with driving. I am rapidly becomeing incoherant-so I will go to bed now. I had to try really hard to type this, and had to rewrite some words too many times. Well-till next time


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