Thursday, June 02, 2005

just stuff

She's home from work again, how she keeps her job is anybodies guess. Hell, how she satys alive is anyones guess, too, being as her various health issues all seem to be valid and add up pretty quick! Ahh, ince we get accepted somewhere and move out of here, it'll be up to me when I deal with the In-Law, if she calls to have me come on by, I can always say no!!!
I realized this morning that my children are growing up. Now I know that this happens, I understand that we all start as babies, and grow into adult hood, but it is sometimes overwhelming to see the process from the start. LittleMan, almost eight months, is crawling, sitting up, and starting to feed himself, not neatly mind you, but the food goes in the mouth, and he is starting to hold his own bottle. Bigguy, almost 4, is on his forth night in a row of sleeping in underwear and waking up dry. He has been waking up with dry pants for longer than this, but we used to put him in pullups at night, he wasn't to great at holding till morning or waking himself up. He is also making his own PB&J sandwiches if I let him, and even though he claims he cannot read yet, we will find him almost every night, laying in bed with the light on after lights out, looking at a book, which he tells me about in full detail the next morning, just like his Poppa does.
I knew that oneday they would need me less and less, it is sad that it happens this soon, of course, new needs will crop up as they get older.

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