Monday, July 04, 2005

Independance day

It's july fourth-and as my Bro in law likes to say, the day for all good patriotic american's to blow shit up! Seriously, though, let's take a moment amid all the beer, blowing ups, loud music, and food to remind ourselves that we are celebrating our ountries freedom from another. Let's take a moment to remind ourselves that there are people in the world today living in feer of what their next leader will do, of what our "leader" will do, and wishing for any number of the freedoms that we currently have. So while you are out, having a good time, maube spending time with family and friends, take a minute for those who can't, and realize, that even with a shitty president, assholes in power, skyrocketing gas prices, and a broken state gov't-that we are rather lucky to have anything. Remember that supporting your troops is different from supporting the war, that speaking up if you are unhappy with the leadership of your country doesn't make you unpatriotic, and that we are a free country, and we need to ensure that we keep what freedom we have.

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