Monday, June 06, 2005


Hubby is amazing. He works his ass off every day for me and the boys, loves that I am a stay-at-home mom, and makes sure that I have enough for whatever I need and a large part of what I want. He is also very supportive of all my various endevors. Now, I will be honest, he is not perfect all the time, neither am I. We argue, we disagree, we stress out, then we talk and compromise. We have a very good functional marriage. Back to the support thing. I really had no question in my mind, that when I said "Honey, I want to write a book", that he would support me. All he has to do isbe there, read my work if I let him, give input if he feels brave, and be there when I twit out with writers block. There would be NO financial output fo him untill it came time to send out copies to see if it could get published. That might never happen, then again it could happen next month. Either way, He has nothing to lose. I spoke with him about my craftwork (knit, crochet, quilting, needlepoint/embroidery, etc..). I explained to him that I would like to put various peices together, some traditional, some modern, some "geeky" (a term he understands, being he knows my projects, the geeky catagory covers the working of video game, anime and comic characters into a peice), and then hit craft shows, flea markets, and "cons" to see what sells, for what price, and narrow it down from there. Hubby thought it was a fabulous idea, and said that of course he would support me, just not to take it too fast. Then he asked where I would get the money! I was sputterring trying to get out that I was hoping he would front the money being that I don't work outside the house really!!! He started roaring with laughter. "Of course I will give you what you need to start this, Honey, I think you do fabulous work, and I believe in you, and if it doesn't work out, we will have plenty of blankies and such. But...I know you will do wonderfully at this, like you do at everything else."

I am so lucky I have him for my husband. I am so blessed that our children will grow up seeing a man treat a woman like this, with love and respect and support. Right now I have such a sense of calm and well being. Life is good.

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