Friday, June 03, 2005

prolific vs prophylactic

I stated to an acquaintance the other day that I had been very prolific, lately, on my blog. Her response was rather startled
"You can do that!?!?"
"Ummm, yeah, why not?"
"But how the hell does that work, are you staying up later than Hubby, Is that what's going on?"
"Well, no, I've been doing it during the day, while h's at work, and the boys are resting, why?"
"Wait a minute...are you having an affair?"
"What The F!@#, Woman, are you talking about!!!I neither have the time nor the inclination to have an affair, how doyou get this sh!@ from me being prolific!!!!???"
"OH...Nevermind, I thought you said something else."
How do you even get that I would...ARGGHHHH, let's back this up and you can explain."
"Well, I thought you said prophylactic, and was wondering how your blog was keeping you from getting preggers, and then figured you must have said something other than blog. It never dawned on me that the word I misheard was prolific. I'm sorry."
After I quit laughing insanely, and appologised for said laughter, we continued with are regularly scheduled programming. What really made the entire ordeal that much more comical to me, was that she didn't know that prolific was also another word for fertile, and taken in that context was just too much.
hehehe, prolific

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