Wednesday, June 01, 2005

let the waiting commence

I dropped off the application last night. They changed their app process a little since we picked it up, so we had to fill out an extra form, and have the app fee and pre-lease depostit in money order form. My worries about getting accepted dwindle by the day. It is a renters market right now, property managers are desperate to fill vacancies. Add on top of this, both the managers at the townhome are women, both have a crush on a good friend that lives there and both know I am married with kids, all this equals no threat and an "in" with my friend. Hey, I'll admit that if this is the deciiding factor in us getting accepted-more power to them. What people need to realize, is even after forking over cash for the privelage of some stranger doing a complete background check on you, it ultimately comes down to the managers discretion on if you rent there. If you are renting from a large nameless faceless corporation, you don't have as much leiniency, because the prop manager is going to have a few higher ups setting the rules, but even then the prop manager can still make a case for the axe wielding puppy killer to get accepted, 'cause his moneys good and they have too many vacancies. In a smaller situation, where there are only a few properties owned by someone, and they hire managers for each property-the manager is King!! As long as they don't have too many non-payers-it's all good. Ultimately there is the privately held property. This is the situation that always cracks me up. They will generally charge much less for a background check, and most people don't think they even doone other than to call key references(being the references that will tell you they were called.)
The commical thing about all this, which is what I orriginaly intended to tell, was that when I dropped of the first set off forms, and the asst mgr was in, I was told Three to five days befor we heard back, after the main mgr met me and the boys, verified my marital status and freindship with crushboy, I was assured that I would be hearing in 2-3 days. Yeah, managerial discression at work!

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