Thursday, June 02, 2005

due to the number of calls...

In the last two hours, I have recieved numerous calls from family and friends asking if we've heard anything back on the Townhome yet. No we have not. When we do I will call people to let them know, and also post it here. Please-If you don't know that your number is programmed into my phones caller id,or know that Iknow the number you are calling fropm by heart-don't call. Everytime an unrecognized number pops up, my heart gets all flutterry wonderring if this will be the call letting me know what will be going on. Two to five days feels like forever, and are they talking two to five business days including the day we dropped off the application, or starting the day after. If it is two to five days starting the day after, we are on day2, starting the same day, we are on day 3. One way or the other I will know by Tuesday, but to quote Bigguy "I wanna know, now!!"

On to a completely different topic.

The baby is napping in the crib, Bigguy just came in from playing in the sprinkler attached to his slide. Outside the world smallsfresh, happy somehow. Birds are chirping out the window, the cat is pissed,and te dogs are subdued after a long mornings play. I am sitting at my computer, blogging, while thinking about the mound of housework that needs to be done. My reasonings are flawed. Who is going to spend a day like today cleaning? Who wants to be surrounded by dirty laundry and floors when the world is waking up and putting on it's summer clothes? At least, at the computer I can look outside the windows, see the sky, the grass, and the neighbors removing the flowers from their Lilac bushes, they don't want to aggrivate Bigguy. For the first time in I don't know how long, I feel at peace in this house, nestled away in the corner of my boys room, listening to one sleep, the other play. I am a mommy, and it feels good, right, natural. I am a mommy who isn't doing laundry, who made today's dinner last night, who plans on eating off of disposable just for today, so that we may, as a family, when Hubby gets off from work, enjoy the promise of summer. Fresh smells, fresh fruit, fresh beginings.. My sons learninghow to crawl or read, how to feed themselves or help make dinner, how to talk or know that it's okay to speak your mind if done with respect, how to be kids in a society that forces children to grow up too fast. This summer will be one filled with trips to the drive-in, walks to Dairy Queen, and days spent at the park with a picnic lunch. This summer will be hubby and my first summer married, Littleman's first summer ever, and Bigguys first summer completely out of daipers.
It will be good

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