Thursday, June 09, 2005

housing update

as of yet(10:30am), we still do not have an answer, however, I talked with the Manager, and her notes are showing that all they are waiting on is a landlord reference...she said she didn't know if it was a currant or past reference they are waiting on, I tild her that our current landlord has not been contacted yet, at all. She was very suprised by this, and is calling the reference checking people to find out what is going on. She is going to try to have an answer for us by the end of the day. She also said that even though three to five days is the everage, they can sometimes take up to ten bisiness days to get the info back. I stated that that was all fine and dandy, but if all the references haven't even been checked yet, that is going to hamper the time it takes to get a turnoaround done. I also let her know that we cannot make any plans untill we know what is going on-we cannot even give notice untill we know if we are acepted o not. She let me know that wether she finds anything out today or not, I will hear back from her today with an update. Also if all they are waiting on is one reference, we pro'lly will get the approval....More as I know what is up

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