Friday, June 10, 2005


I wake up to feed Littleman at about 6:30 am, I would never have known it was morning, but I looked at the clock. Went back to sleep until I had to wake up to take Hubby to work, once again, I wouldn't have known it was morning unless the alarm went off. It is so bleak and gray outside right now, it's kind of depressing. I feel bad for all the kids who are having their first day of summer break.
"Hey, wanna go outside?"
"Hey, wanna go to the beach?"
"Dude, my folks are gone, yiou should walk over!"
it doesn't matter the request, if the person being asked cannot drive, the answer will be an universal "Hell no, it's dark out, and raining buckets! What makes you think I want to go out in this?!"
Bigguy hasbeen playing outside a lot lately, as almost 4 year old boys are wont to do. He will be angry today, because he cannot play in the rain, and with how hard it's coming down, once the rain stops, it'll be aufully muddy to play outside. I know, what sort of mother am I who won't let her kid play outside in the rain and mud? It's part of growing up! It's fun to splash in puddles and get your hands and feet all muddy! I don't argue that, but I just imposed a 1 bath a day policy for Bigguy, unless something out of his control requires him to need more. Given the chance, Bigguy will spend hours in the tub, and I just don't need him to wrinkle away to nothing.

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