Saturday, June 04, 2005

still waiting

Still haven't heard anyhting back from the townhomes. I wish I would've heard anything on friday good or bad, so I wouldn't have to sit thru the entire weekend wondering. Part of me is looking at it from the stance of "every day we don't hear back something negative, is a good thing" but then I also know that they haven't called to check references with our landlord yet. How do I know this? My landlord is my father in law, whose bedroom is right next to mine-he would've told me if a call about the place happened to come in in the little bit of time that I am gone. Then again, they might jst decide to go off of reporting. Really, as long as Hubby is working,which he is, and we don't have horrid credit, which we don't, it should be fine. In the mean time, I just get to sit here and twiddle my thumbs. Well, twiddle my thumbs and clean my room. I really need to maintain instead of just do one big ass cleaning every now and then, but sometimes it feels so futile while all our stuff is in our room. I will be soooo happy when we are out of here. Hybby has been checking out other areas we could rent in if we don't get approved, but even if we do get approved, we will not be moving untill august. If we don't get the approval, we will have to do the whole application and waiting and deposit thing all over agin, and might have to wait untill september-gaaaarrrrgggghhhhh. Okay-I feel better now.

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