Monday, June 20, 2005

birthday party hangover

Bigguy, who turns 4 on thursday, had his party on sunday. Many hours sat in the sun, talking, laughing, playing...I am so tired, and I have a slow burn. That's the sunburn that shows up a few hours after you've gotten out of the sun. The burn that only stays a little bit pink, before it fades to a tan, but still hurts like a sunbirn for a few days after. Cake, food, presents, friends-It was great. bigguy was his normal commical self, littleman slept for large amounts of time, too much heat and excitement, and the Mother-in-Law sent out an annoyed vibe. She is pleased that we are moving, but pissed that we are not buying right off the bat. She is just not understanding that as much as we would like to buy a house of our own, it isn't yet possible. Five weeks and five days till we move-then I have a dishwasher, my own kitchen, and my own space again.
Is it wrong that I fantasize about cooking?

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