Saturday, May 14, 2005

sick , funny, and more of the darkside

Bigguy has allergies-he will be tested at his 4 year check-up to determine to what-but they are seasonal and bad. He is being hit really hard today, sore throat, phlegm, slight fever. After an early dinner he went to bed, but recently woke up to get cocoa and hugs. When asked by Gramma mother in law, and grandpa father in law if he was feeling betteryet, his response was
"Not now, but I will be better tomorrow."
We tried very hard not to laugh. This statement in and of itself is not funny, but you must imagine it in junior darth vadar voice to get the full idea. Bigguy normally has a very sweet little boy voice, but when he gets sick, it gets deeo and raspy, even more so since his bout with Croup. I have a small Sith Lord for a son right now.
"Momma(deep Vadaresqe breathing), I am not better(more breathing/dramaticpause) Momma(breathing/pause) I want some cocoa(breathing) I am your Bigguy(breathing)"
I know I shouldn't be laughing at him, he is not feeling well but, it is so damn funny. I keep expecting him to pull out a little light saber, maybe fight a small dyslexic speaking muppet. I geuss as long as he doesn't choke people just by looking at them we are in the clear.

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