Monday, May 16, 2005

the power of imagination.

Sitting in the van, traffic at a standstill, luckily, little man is sleeping. I look in my rearview, see Bigguy smiling at me, I frown and hand him the kleenex box. He is still under the weather, and pouring buckets 'o' snot.
"Blow your nose, and keep the box back by you"
"Okay, momma(loud blowing noise)Look!It's an airplane!"
I look out the windows to see the airplane, but it is not there. I look in the rearview again to tell him I don't see it. Instead of seeing him, I see a flying box with a tissue tail. That is his airplane. Over the twenty minutes it took us to get home, that box was an airplane, a spaceship, a choochoo train, a submarine, a camera, a racecar, and for one brief moment the dreaded tissuesauraus dinosaur(with scary sound affects). In this world of high tech toys, a tissue box held my childs attention for twenty minutes, in close quarters.
He was sad when I told him it had to stay in the van, until we got inside, where tissue boxes are abundant. The tissue boxes met up with a shoe box, some toilet paper and paper towel tubes, and some food boxes, and they had a blast following the instructions of my son until it was time to lie down. We had a circus, a movie, more trains, a classroom...the list is almost endless.
1 tissue box - 1.99
four t.p. rolls - 1.49
shoe box - 19.99
watching my son use his mind for fun all day - priceless

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